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InterBase error message about BLR


I got an error message from InterBase mentioning something about BLR - what does this mean?


BLR is short for 'Binary Language Representation'.

InterBase internally does not understand SQL. All statements (queries, updates, meta data manipulation) are internally represented in a binary notation. When you compile stored procedure or trigger code, it is translated into BLR and the BLR representation is kept in a BLOB sub type field. This translation is done only once, which is why stored procedures are good for efficiency. The command-line tool isql shows you the BLR representation of stored procedures (and triggers, constraints, table definiotions after you issue a SET BLOB ALL command and then use a select statement to get the appropriate BLR fields from the system tables which are accessed as RDB$RELATIONS.

See the example below:

connect "c:\mydata.gdb" user "sysdba" password "masterkey";
 set blob all;
 select * from RDB$RELATIONS;

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