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Easy viewing of .PAS files (Windows tip)

Ever wish you could view a .PAS or .~pa file quickly without loadng it into Delphi? Here an easy way to do it.

  1. Make sure you have QuickView installed. ( You can test it by QuickViewing a .TXT file.)

  2. Open the Registry Editor and search for QuickView.

  3. Expand the QuickView icon. You will see a list of key folders for various extensions.

  4. Right click on the QuickView icon. Select NEW and KEY. A New key dialog will appear with the default text 'New Key #1' Edit the default text to read '.PAS' (without the quotes).

  5. Locate and expand the '.TXT' icon under the QuickView Icon. It will open a key with the CSLID for the Text QuickViewer. Right click and copy that key.

  6. Right click on your new .PAS key and click NEW and KEY. Press V to paste the key you just copied into the new key. The pasted key will contain the Registry Path of the copied key as well as the CSLID. Delete everything prior to the CSLID which begins with '(F0F0...'.

  7. Repeat the process for the '.~pa' extension.

You can now view your pascal files and backups by right clicking on the file in a folder window and selecting QuickView. It even works from the Delphi Open dialog.

(Originally posted by Gene Felch,

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