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Code Insight

Here's a list of the new features in Delphi 3 which are collected under the name 'Code Insight':

Code Insight Shortcut Cancel Key Extra
Code Completion Ctrl Space Esc Can be sorted using right click in popup list.
Incremental search, up and down arrow, home and end keys for navigation.
Respects the visibility of the declared members of the class.
Code Parameters Ctrl-Shift-Space Esc
Argument Value List Ctrl Space Can be sorted using right click in popup list.
Must be specifically requested.
Displays constants, functions, and variables that are consistent with the argument required by the expression.
Code Templates Ctrl J if you type the short cut for the template and then Ctrl J you can skip the popup window.

The Code templates are stored in a ASCII file delphi32.dci which is stored in the Delphi\Bin Folder if you want to enter your templates in manually.

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