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concat () function to concatenate 2 strings in mysql does not exist


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I want to concatenate 2 strings in my mysql database and I get the error message:
ERROR 1305 (42000): FUNCTION support.concat does not exist
How is that possible?


In some mysql versions, you MUST NOT have a space after the function name. Try concat() instead of concat ().

mysql> update s_resources set resource_path = concat (resource_path, '/');
ERROR 1305 (42000): FUNCTION support.concat does not exist

mysql> update s_resources set resource_path = concat(resource_path, '/');
Query OK, 6 rows affected (0.00 sec)
Rows matched: 6  Changed: 6  Warnings: 0


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2008-06-05, 12:28:22
Thanks - that was very helpful to me here in Boston.
2008-06-13, 03:19:19
lcilleful from Japan  
i wanna very thank you for the answer.
2008-07-10, 05:56:12
anonymous from Vietnam  
Oh mad.
Thanks you very much.
I'm nearly sick with the error 'FUNCTION tablename.ROUND does not exist' ...
2008-09-26, 15:17:19 from Dewey, United States  
Thank you.....A very helpful tip....saved my day.
2008-11-18, 08:24:30
anonymous from United States  
Huray, thanks to you my first steps into SQL were not a total disaster :)
2008-11-21, 10:16:44
anonymous from United States  
Very helpful, I have been using CONCAT() for a while but I guess I had never left a space after it. After chasing that error for two days I found this post Thank you very much.
2008-12-17, 14:06:17
anonymous from United States  
Dude... thank you very much..
2008-12-17, 14:06:25
anonymous from United States  
Dude... thank you very much..
2009-02-09, 08:12:36
anonymous from Poland  
THX - I own you a beer ;)
2009-08-26, 01:20:43
anonymous from Germany  
Thanks very much, it helped me with a stupid error I got:

Error: MySQL says: FUNCTION database_name.round does not exist

which I found difficult to identify (since I am a C++ programmer).
2009-09-25, 00:52:37
anonymous from China  
Thank you. It is really helpfull.
2009-10-01, 13:01:33
anonymous from Canada  
thx for the info
2009-10-19, 09:09:57
Still helpful! A nextline-character i.s.o. a space had the same effect.
2009-11-22, 21:39:06
asleo from Italy  
Thank you so much: it's a very helpful tip. I saved a lot of time due your post :)
2010-01-08, 18:07:01 from Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Thanks, me sirvio de mucho.
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