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'Cannot find engine configuration file' error message (BDE config file)


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After installing an application, I get this error message:
'cannot find engine configuration file'

What does it mean and how can I correct it?


That 'engine configuration file' is also referred to as the BDE's IDAPI configuration file. The BDE (Borland Database Engine) stores machine-specific settings there (not user-specific).

You can find the location of that file in the registry under:
It is stored there in key CONFIGFILE01.
A typical value would be:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE_D2\IDAPI32.CFG

Look if the path information is valid and if not, correct it.

If the path information seems valid and the file exists, then it could be that the file is corrupt. This can happen if the machine's BDE Administrator was running during installation. Under these circumstances, the BDE did not allow the installer to update the .CFG file. As a solution you may close the BDE Administrator and install again.

If you did not just install a new application and your IDAPI32.CFG is corrupt, you may try to create a new IDAPI32.CFG from scratch using the BDE Administrator. Or maybe take one from another machine on the network and adjust your machine specific settings e.g. temp file location.


2008-02-28, 12:44:17
anonymous from United States  
I am having this same problem. The registry entry is correct, and file exists in the correct directory, and does not appear to be corrupt. But, when I try to run the BDEADMIN.EXE, I get:

'Exception EDBEngine in module BDEADMIN.EXE at 00054F92. Cannot find Engine configuration file.' - then Runtime error 216 at 0003399A.

What next?
2008-03-13, 07:36:58
anonymous from Romania  
I have two networks in two different places, connected thru a VPN, and two SQL servers. I tried to link a server, from one of network , to a PC from another network using in BDE the server's IP and I got 'Cannot find Engine configuration file'. The servers work separately OK. What can I do?
2009-01-07, 10:34:47
Harjeet from London, United Kingdom  
Hey thanks I was getting same sort of error message for ' Agent Impact ' Software and correcting the permissions on idapi32.cfg corrected the problem. Thanks a lot...
2009-01-25, 18:44:04   (updated: 2009-01-25, 18:45:32)
DavidB from United Kingdom  
This is one of the more useful threads I have found on this topic. Using the guidance here, I was able to trace my problems, which were slightly different to those described above.

Basically, I was installing (my old version of) Delphi, and transferring settings from another machine on the network. What happened is that the installation of the BDE failed in some way; the .CFG file location key in the Registry (see above) was empty, and the C:\BDEUSERS folder was missing. Repopulating the key and copying the BDEUSERS folder from the source computer, along with the IPAPI32.CFG file I was transferring in any case, fixed the problems.

Obviously, to do this, I had to have the source files and to make sure that everything was saved in the same locations on the two computers.

Hope this is a useful addition to the thread.

2012-05-08, 06:25:39
anonymous from United States  
2012-07-05, 16:14:42
TheGMan from United States  
After some Googling, I came to this page. I had the same error as above, but still could not get bdeadmin.exe to work. My platform is Windows 7 64-bit. In order to get bdeadmin (version to run, I had to modify this reg key, and increase the value of SHAREDMEMSIZE:

HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Borland\DatabaEngine\ Settings\System\INIT

Otherher observations....the Borland installer installed to C:\Program Files by default.... I moved the BDEINST folder (and all contents) to C:\Program Files (x86). Modifiied the reg keys as well to make sure everything pointed to the new folder location. Hope this helps!
2013-04-09, 02:10:21
anonymous from Tuapse, Russian Federation  
I had this problem on a PC with Win7 64 bit. The user don't have administrative privileges on its computer. The registry key was OK and the file IDAPI32.CFG was OK, too. The decision that helped was to move the configuration file out of Program Filers (x86) to any other directory except system ones. And to this directory the user has all rights. After this step BDE started to work normally. it seems to me that the UAC somehow disturbs the normal work of the BDE.
By the way such strange behavior of the operating system isn't only with the BDE. Personally, I know another example in which the user program based on Visual FoxPro didn't see a dll library, which was set in the windows\system32 directory. Only moving it outside this directory resolved the problem.
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