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Dating scammer Gary Hatfield


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Name: Gary Hatfield


none in Kabul or APO 'alledged was stolen if sent there'

Other Comments:
Always sent things via his 'friend in Ghana' Saviour Ahiagbedey Nsawom Road 106 Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone number 233244119135. Alledged he was in Kabul and his friend flew the packages into him at Kabul. When I stopped believing him he has changed his name to Brett Coppins, because I complained that he had no background to check and everyone has documents. His whole story changed. His age changed too from turning 60 in July to being 53. All the photos are of the same man except the military id was photo shopped that he sent to convince me he was real and needed my help. I reported to the local police but they didn't get back to me before I sent some money. Never followed up on the scammer with the FBI.

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2016-05-20, 05:59:42   (updated: 2016-05-20, 06:01:59)

He ia on Facebook too ------ Douglas Bartram ...
He is a liar, cheater and trickster. He wanted money from me too - but I deciphered it quickly.
His style of action is always the same. First, he succeeds in love with you,, He swears love for life. He goes in love and sensitive man. Later, he invents a tragedy in his life. And he asks for money because that money will save its existence.
His bank can not help him, because his account is temporarily locked! :) That is so false that I realized immediately that I have to deal with fraud.
I played with the prolongation of the matter until he realized that he would not get money from me.
He went away - in despair! hahahaaaa
But he did not breake off contact with me. From time to time he sends me greetings. Probably he hopes that he can gain something else. hahahaaaa
LOOK OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found this site when I was looking for links that impostor using 'search image' in google.
Douglas Bartram = Eric Swanson = Mark Coppins
My greetings for all.
2016-08-06, 10:19:02
anonymous from United States  
Glad I read this...starting chatting w/ him. Have deleted the e-mail address I created to communicate with him.

Sad & sick!
2016-08-08, 19:35:40
anonymous from United States  
i was also contacted on pof, with all the same pictures. He asks for your email right away to send you the pictures. name he gave is george coppins. Beware!
2016-08-14, 17:21:40
anonymous from United States  
I just recently met up 'George Coppins' on POF. He is using the screen name of Nija66. His phone number that he is currently using is 785-325-9589. He is supposedly in the military and is Kabul. So far he has not asked for money but he seemed to come across as too good to be true. I was scammed once before for $11,000 and I am still working my way out of the mess it caused.The pics I received match the pictures that others have shared.
2016-08-21, 20:56:10
anonymous from United States  
Talked to me through pof than wanted to google chat . Thank god I read this first. Maybe I didn't make enough money for him but he wanted me to meet him in two months when I get back from Iraq at the airport made me believe he was actually in the service over a rack and that is sad for all veterans who are really doing that
2016-08-24, 08:53:11
anonymous from United States  
Well now he is using Jerry Coppins and like all the others wants to go to Hangouts right away to chat. He really is good and I THANK this site for allowing me to search and find him before it was too late. Same line in Kabul has a son with someone in Ghana. Well yesterday his son got sick and needed meds wanted me to send money to help him. I told him no he will have to send it. Of course his excuse was he was too far to go get money to send it. I held my ground did not budge! I am glad this site is here and wish more women would check before they get involved with these kinds of people. I know it is easy. I have tried to be scammed about 10 times but to no avail so far!
2016-10-17, 19:26:01
anonymous from United States  
Just contacted by this person on POF using name Lily and and sent my email these exact same pictures. Not falling for this crap ever again. Tonight I block him!
2016-10-17, 19:28:25
anonymous from United States  
This guy is on pod under name kolhand not lily as phone changed it to.
2016-12-06, 18:48:35 from United States  
Using an image search service, the guy has many names. For me he was Wayne Smith, working on a road contract in Cairo Egypt. Many phone calls to me, but I could not call him, as his Marriott Hotel did not have phones in rooms. I knew that there was a scam going on, but it did not cost me much until May 2016. He said a former client was sending me a check for USD 7800. which I was to cash and send to him via MoneyGram. A few days after, my bank informed me that the check was invalid. He had not picked up the money yet, when I called to tell him, but he picked it up and spent it anyway. He promised to make good on it, but then disappeared, leaving me with a bank loan to cover the bad check. I had also bought him an iPhone 6s, which he was supposed to pay for and the monthly fee.

I seems the same profile photograph has several names, Wayne Smith, Lorenzo Franco Merida, Gary Hatfield, Mark Coopins, Ben Carter, Peter Hugh, James Kooyer, Jesse Williams, and Eric Swenson. I can't imagine keeping track of the multiple relationships, some gay, some straight. He did have a talent, so bad that it is wasted in using it for theft and deception.

2017-01-16, 23:13:24
Now he is now Christian Hopkinson.
Said his wife died seven years ago,has a daughter,says will be back to the States on Jan 28,2017
He send other pictures that have check out fine
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Gary Hatfield
Dating scammer Gary Hatfield

2018-07-05, 11:12:10
anonymous from Finland  

2018-07-05, 11:36:47
anonymous from Finland  
Kuvan mies esiintyy nimellä Justice Campples, mutta tiedän että on huijari. Kuvat ovat toisen henkilön. Hän on minulta jo vienyt rahaa 1100 euroa ja tiedän että ei jää tähän. En ymmärrä miksi armeijan sotilas kerjää minulta rahaa moniin eri asioihin. Hän on mukamas rikas ja hänellä on yritys Amerikassa. Sitten hänellä on kaksi taloa. Hän lirkuttee rakkautta ja haluaisi mennä naimisiin.
2018-07-24, 06:03:36
anonymous from Finland  
Aloin kirjoittamaan tälläisen henkilön kanssa, jonka nimi on Justice. Campbell ja epäilen hänen olevan huijari. Hän alkoi heti minulle puhumaan naimisiin menosta ja että hän on rakastunut. Hän on hyvä kirjoittamaan runojansa ja lirkuttelemaan rakkaudesta. Myöskin olen hänen poikansa kanssa kirjoittanut, mutta epäilen että kirjoittaja on yksi ja sama henkilö. Hän on myöskin kerjännyt minulta rahaa ja menin antamaan 431,50 euroa. Rahan siirto oli Western Unionin kautta ja meni Justice Akoto Yaro nimellä Ghana Aggraan. Minua epäilyttää henkilö jonka kanssa kirjoitin, että hän on jokin muu henkilö. Valokuvat on toisen henkilön nimeltään Brett. C. ja tätä minun en voi kirjoittaa, kun tiedän että hänen kuviaan käytetään hyväksi. Hän myöskin halusi minun hommata passin, jotta voin matkustaa Yhdysvaltoihin. Hänen juttujensa mukaan hän on rikas ja hänellä on myös kaksi taloa. Hänen juttujensa mukaan hänellä on 4 pankkitilillä rahaa, mutta miksi rikas mies on Ghanassa lähetystötyössä. Hänen pitäisi olla sotilas, mutta minua epäilyttää todella. Hän antoi minulle myös osoitteessa, joka on 7202 Belvedere Drive Newport, mutta tutkin, niin hän ei asu täällä. Ihmettelen miksi kerätään rahaa ja huijataan ihmisiä ja tälläiset huijarit saisivat jäädä kiinni.
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Dating scammer Jeffrey Alan jones Jeff jones Jeffrey jones Jeff jone

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