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Dating scammer Howard Davis


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Name: Howard Davis



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Brad Terry
Names: Albert Spencers, Albertini, Alex Ferguson, Allan, Andre Sanjo, Arinze Moore, Arnold, Arthur Richard, Bandas Williams, Barry Chester Walker, Ben Coker, Ben Smith,Brad Terry,Brooks Raynoh, Bruce, Carell Isaac, Charles, Clark Collins, Collin Maxims, Cortis Jackson, Dada Adegbola, Danial Kennedy, Daniel J. Woods, Daniel Peters, Daniel Woods, Dave Smith, David Anderson, David Jackson, David Parkers, David Smith, David Walters, David William Burtner, Davis Holly, Dean Benson, Demiji Benson, Den Mitalldwith, Dennis Mitalld, Derrick Fisherr, Don Cares, Donald Smith, Douglas Smith, Drew T Cougar, Duncan Frank Joel, Duncan Joel, Ehru Evans, Ekene Fab Nelson, Elliot George, Emmanuel, Ford George, Frank Hughes, Frank Robert Hughes, Fred Clonel, Gabbie Micheal Wilson, Gabriel Mike Williams, George Clint, George Marville, Gerry, Gibson Mark,Gregory Anderson, Harry Markson, Henry Smith, Henry White, Howard Davis, Jack Cole, Jack Williams, James Charles, James Harrison, James Kenny Williams, James Owen, James Rick Anderson, James Terry, Jay Cali, Jeff Court, Jeff Scott, Jeffery Lawson, Jermaine Troy, Jerry Williams, Jim Bruce,Jimmy Brown, Jimmy Parkers,John Smith,John Wiliams, Johny, Jones Steve, Jorge,Joseph Cole, Joseph Johnson, Joshua George, Kaleb Woods, Kelvin Andril, Ken Smith, Kenny Walex, Kevin Johnson, Kevin Raymond, Kibo Williams, Larry Williams, Lawrence Cole, Leo Cokers, Leonerd, Leslie Duke, MacDonald Samuel, Mark Bickerton, Mark Donald, Mark Paulson, Mark Rogers, Martin Collins, Martins Smith, Marville George, Marving Thomas, McKenzie Jones, Michael Johnson, Michael Richard Cole, Michael Wilke Jones, Micheal Brown, Micheal Robert, Mike Connor, Mike Newman, Morgan Edwards, Morris Brown, Nelson Barry, Paul Smith, Peter Collins, Peter Pulford, Prince Collins Dante, Reck, Richard Jones, Richard Sherlock, Richard Snell, Rick Anderson, Rick Collins, Rick Merit, Rick Parker, Rick Thompson, Robert Crippen, Robin Collins Jones, Robin James, Roger Johnson, Roger Michael, Ron Kidd, Sam, Samuel Toni, Samuel Wilson, Scott Gardner, Shawn Davies, Shawn Franz, Smith Benson,Smith Bush Ken, Smith Jonny Benson, Solomon Brown, Stephan, Steve Okunola, Steve Reid, Terry Frank, Terry Jones, Terry Love, Terry Wallace, Thomas Campbell, Thomas Parker, Tola Parkers, Tola Thomas, Tom Terry, Tommy Scott, Tony Moritz, Walter Thomas, Wayne Anderson, William Bobby, William Harrison, William Hetzer, William Kingsley Johnson, Williams Eric Alexandra, Williams McKenzie, Wilson Dior, Daniel Willy


phone numbers:

IP address:,,,,,,,,,,

steals pictures of 'Rick' from

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2009-03-09, 18:52:35
anonymous from United States  
This Alexander (Alex) Ferguson is now on FriendPad as of Feb. 17, 2009

Using the same stolen picture
2009-03-13, 20:34:30   (updated: 2009-03-13, 20:42:03)
anonymous from United States  
.These are two pictures that the guy going by Alex Ferguson is using. They are stolen
Ladies Beware of Him. He is slick and he will always try to get money from you with some sad story and his undying love. I have had fun playing him. But BEWARE OF HIM HE IS SLICK

2009-04-19, 20:30:49
anonymous from United States  
This man is Erickgibson_alexander as well he calims too be in london now and needing money to come back here to be me Yeah Right!! Its a shame that men do this too women here ..but I guess they are smart and just know how too play the game out ladies he is good and smart and met him on seem to be nice and talks with a french accenst...I guess that at the begining and I was right ...Girls be true to yourself and wise up men are going to use women its up too us too not allow it

2009-06-13, 01:05:21
lawson williams

Hello members on here my name are lawson williams i am a new member and i am a electronics ,am single right now and i am looking for a honest friend on here a close friend and if you this message i will be happy if you can email or im if u can add me to your list my email is or IM littlek2330 waiting for u.


Using photos of Arnold from Focus Hawaii


2009-06-17, 10:41:06   (updated: 2009-06-17, 10:49:51)
anonymous from Indonesia  
Well, Jerry Williams is still active until today, I am very sure. I had been in touch with him for a week. First he contacted me from an online Christian site in February 2009 with a short e-mail as if he's a busy person. In a week he's playing his trick by saying his wife died 20 years ago, and his only son, Andy, 22 years old has been studying in Nigeria where he would visit him during his business trip as a petroleum engineer. He gave me his USA phone # : 2062024027 and when he 'arrived' in Nigeria, he gave me his 'son's' cell # : 2348034059543. He said he did not bring any of his cell phone to this country because it would not work there. He tried to attract his victim in a smart way but I can say most times he is very careless, due to so much lies he has been creating. Until a day before it's too late, my USA friend gave me useful info about this bad guy who is really a scammer. I came to visit this site and I was so surprised when I found almost similar picture like posted on above (16 May 2008). He sent me many good looking guy's pictures. What a scammer! And he put himself as Jesus good believer. I am so thankful to my USA friend who has helped me very early. I had sufficient info, then I attacked him on our last chatting time. Most answers he gave me were in a mess. And he was mad on me but I really did not care. His yahoo id is jerry4u55

However I am still curious who is the real man on Jerry's pictures.

So please be careful with the new one who wants to marry you very soon.

2009-06-17, 20:18:01
B from China  
@ Indonesia : This scammer is using pictures of 'Rick' from (as it states in the introduction to this thread)

2009-07-13, 23:28:16
anonymous from United States  
Ladies be careful, I am on yahoo personals.. have been approached by two scammers both from Nigeria.. Jerry Peterson a single father who needs money to come to the US.. - his email and Tom Wayne so he says.. it shows under Tom Samson - email Please be careful of those two scammers as they will try to clean your wallets, their answers are nothing but a mess ..
2009-08-04, 00:09:23   (updated: 2009-08-04, 00:10:16)
anonymous from United States  
Scamer... Owen Harrison, he says he is a vaccine researcher, he got a brand new laptop from me and then disappeared. He promised to visit me and promise that he wanted to be with me, we spoke several times over the phone and chat on yahoo IM. His email address is and his cell 447035926399, which now both of them are disconected. He states that he lives in Liverpool, recently divorce, only child, father died when he was 6 years old and mother died 2 years ago. He is a big time scammer!

2009-08-04, 00:12:50
anonymous from United States  
Owen is very polite and shows a lot of concern until he finds that he can not provide enough money or material stuff to him... Owen Harrison 447035926399 DO NOT believe anything he says.. he goes from UK to Nigeria a lot!

2009-08-19, 11:35:07   (updated: 2009-08-19, 11:38:49)
anonymous from United States  

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2009-10-02, 08:56:26
I am a single woman i met a man from a popularly known site and he work in nigeria he is from holland but he work in nigeria and he has a son with him i waited for him as he has promice for a bout 2month he ask me for money since he could not cash his check i did and he got the money book his flight and came to me we met in a restaurant and had a good time together pls dont believe this site and what people says about people from Nigeria i have met a man from there and he is real ladies beware of this site they only add more to a little that happen its true that scammers are useing so many country to covered their scam but some of them are real and need our trust and love if you want to confirm from me here is my email feel free to talk to me
2009-10-02, 17:21:52
Miss,Marple from Sweden  









2009-10-02, 22:56:58
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From: BadDog

To: 2009-10-02, 08:56:26 anonymous

When you can make sense and contribute to the victims of scamming
you will have a reason to post here. Please do not waste Miss Marples
or anyone elses time and energy. This is bupkus.

At least you got a laugh Miss Marple!


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How to stop identity thieves dead in their tracks

2009-10-03, 02:40:19
wanwan from Japan  
@janewXXght9all@yapoo & = A stupidest Nigerian Scammer(a poor guy )

A monkey has come on Delphi !
Go away and never come back on Delphi !

My boys !
Before doing bupkus,
please write down Nigerian scammer's e-mail address,
then send a mail bomb or XXXXXX to his computer,
and destroy him !
It is my bad joke ?
ho,ho,ho,I don't know that ???
My boys ,do it !


Good job & thank you !

2009-10-15, 00:04:57
Ladies, pls becareful about this Profile on Tagged:

Nelson M,

Basic Info: 37, Male, manchester, United Kingdom

Last Active: 18 hours ago

Profile Views: 3993 times, email and YHM:, tel: 447031855745. an engineer, working for Brice Johnson Construction, in Liverpool, he is getting his PhD end of this year . Looking for serious relationship, He has a very close friend named: Micky, his YHM: and beloved sister, name Jenny, her YHM

He did add me to his friendlist onTagged and we start to chat on YHM and email, he told me he love me and wanna get married to me, he sent me a package and put some money inside it for improving his first love to me, he provided me the tracking number /Airway bill number and website of Britishcourierexpress for tracking the package and some day later the forwarder BCE agent contacted me to ask for the penalty fee 'cos the money was not declared in the package, they ask for 400USD to transfer to their private AC or by Western Union to a personal name. I was doubt and talked w/ him, Nelson, he insisted me to pay for him and he will return me the money when he meet me in my country, 'cos he is away on the business trip in Spain and can't make the transfer from there???He said he was born in UK but his English as bad as A Nigerian speaker and his behavior was suspicous when I refused to make the transfer, I found out all the story and a website is FAKE...I sharply disconnected to him and he seems very angry to me. Therefore, all you ladies, pls be are of this guy, they are all from Nigeria and pro-scammers,

Pls refer to his stolen pic attached, maybe you will see them some where on any popular datingsite

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer SMITH ANDERSON
Dating scammer SMITH ANDERSON

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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