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Dating scammer Gabriel Douglas mc Madden


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Name: Gabriel Douglas mc Madden


He says he is in London..... No5, Sheenewood Str, Sydenham, Se26 6Bh, London

Other Comments:
this is a letter I wrote to another lady that he was trying to scam.... it holds much of the infomation about him.... I have added in more info as well.

Hello Roz, you do not know me but I am writting to you to save you from an internet scam. I know it is difficult to believe but if you do your homework you will see for yourself that I am correct in the infomation that I am giving you. Please read on or you will be caught as I almost was. And I urge you to check the info that I will send you to prove it to yourself. I know Gabe looks too good to be true.... and he is. I am not a jilted lover, I am one of his many attempts at internet fraud. Please I urge you not to give him your credit card details. Let me explain.....

'Gabe' contacted me through ' ARe you interested' on Face book (but he is on many other dating sites around the world) he very quickly declared his love for me and told me he would come to Australia to be with me. No doubt he has already gotten to that point with you too. Soon after he began communicating with me he told me that he was leaving facebook because he had found his true love. I suspect that his previous scam victum reported him and facebook closed him down. He also changed his msn address, perhaps to avoid his previous victum. I found his new profile by doing a search with his new address as stated above (his previous address was If you google his name you will see that he is on numerous sites around the world. His previous profile was Gabriel Douglas McMadden. but he goes by Gabe Madden also and Douglas Madden and possibly other names too. I don't think he is one person tho. If you are alert when you communicate with 'him' you will see that he 'forgets' important things that you talk to him about. He says he has 'low' memory then there is a break in him writing to you while (I assume) he checks the info they keep on you.
He will ask for your credit card to pay money into your account but he will take money and disapear. I told him I have no credit card and he is presantly trying to pay in 3, 800 to my accout that I am to send via westernunion to his suposed travel agent for his flight to Australia. This is money he is trying to launder so there is no trace back to him. Please call the ACC to check (phone 1300 302502) email: I do hope this money he is trying to transfer to me is not from your account already. 'He' sends hoax emails pretending to be the bank and asks for personal info.... bank accout/ID and password. When that victum gives their info he accesses their account and transfers the money to his 'love' who then is expected to transfer it using westernunion. Westernunion is untracable but the transfer from the accessed accout to yours is tracable. And you will have to repay the money and may face charges!
He will give you a phone number that you can call to get him....+44 which is the UK prefix but the number begins 703 which is a 'follow me' number and can go to anywhere in the world.... not neccessarily the UK
He will not give you a landline number. Look in to check for yourself that the number is dodgy
He says he is on dial up internet and if you ask questions that he does not want to answer ( like... can I have your landline number?) he will 'have connection' probs and go off line. He says he works in Technology industry and invests millions in Macquarie telco.
'Gabe' will also give you his ID and password to his email account at (His ID is.... mcmadden.gabe@ and his password is 'loveiswicked' )where you can 'check' on his supposed wealth and see that he has been offered the managing director job of the Maquarie Telco company. Get in there and read the very poorly written emails.... they are a fake and not from Maquarie telco as he says. They are from
I urge you to be very careful. Google everything you can think of..... Google his name, google scams, this is called a Nigerian 419 scam
Be careful. I woke up to the scam and have protected my self (I think, I hope)
If you accept money into your account and transfer it through westernunion like he says, you will be laundering money and the authorities will demand that you pay the money back. There will be no link to him. But there will be evidence that the money was transfered into your account. You will have to pay it back!
Do not challenge him with this info because he is very skilled in scamming and will convince you that he is true and honest and that I am a jilted lover or some such thing. Do your searches and discover for yourself that what I say is true.

Yours Sincerely

PS Good luck to you to not get caught in this scam


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2008-11-19, 02:50:00   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-11-19, 02:50:00   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-11-19, 02:50:00   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-11-19, 16:23:38
anonymous from Australia  
I just want to say thanks for posting this I now know why i couldn't sleep last night. He has not got any of my information apart from my live msn address and that is the way i will keep it. Funny enough when i asked if he had a webcam so i could talk to him and see him at the same time he went offline as soon as he could.

2008-11-20, 02:23:03
anonymous from White Plains, United States  

pics stolen from Yergs (Ross Yerger)
2008-11-25, 23:58:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Gabriel madden isnt the Scammer.. They used is profile.. and everything against that man.. Hes my neighbour and hes innocent of all this crime...This is Vicki Klien Reporting..
2008-11-26, 00:29:21   (updated: 2008-11-26, 00:38:36)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
India man..

Shandran Ahmed Jui. He faked himseld to be Gabriel and Made lies on model sites..

Thats the man behind Gabriel Mcmmadden.

This is Curtis John.

2008-11-26, 01:04:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hes not a scammer i have met Mcmadden before...

Merci Roger

I was just swindled by a man named..

Richmond Dorman.
2008-11-28, 18:30:05
anonymous from Australia  
Thank you Christine ! ! This guy nearly had me too , Thanks to ANZ BANK who did not let me withdraw the money he sent ,because it was stolen from the commonwealth bank of Australia ... sorry my heart goes out to all these woman just like me ... It may help to read these words ... NEVER REGRET ANYTHING THAT ONCE MADE YOU SMILE ... dont let him hurt you cos hes not even real ...thanks again Christine ..for sharing your story
2008-11-28, 18:34:26
anonymous from Australia  

2008-12-07, 18:13:59 from Australia  
l have to say thank you so much for your messages here. l too have been scammed with this man. Not only did l send him a lot of money he also asked me too if he could have money transferred to my commonwealth bank account. When l went to draw the money out my bank account was frozen. Fortunately the commonwealth back court on and removed the money from my bank and returned the money back to the other persons account that it was stolen from, l want nothing more from life than to catch this man that seems to only fraud Australian single mums. If anyone has any information on him can you please contact me on or even if you feel you need to talk to someone about your ordeal please feel free to contact me. l know this man does not work alone as he asked me to send money to china, Nigeria and Israel. He may also have someone working with him in Sydney as he knows a lot about Sydney and even knew when a roof was being built at a uni and knew the day after it was completed that it was finished. l personal know of 8 women including myself this man has tried to scam. One of the women he even tried to get her to leave her husband for him. He is the lowest class of person there is on here other than child molesters that is.

2008-12-16, 21:47:49
anonymous from Australia  
Thought l would let everyone here know that Vicki Klien that reported she knows gabriel mcmadden is actually the so called gabriel mcmadden.. stupid person gabriel isnt his real name and he doesnt live in England
2008-12-21, 01:25:46
anonymous from Melbourne, Australia  
This is incredible, I too came across this scammer but managed to piss him off enough that he left me alone....hahahaha I guess I was too smart for him. Check out the pick he has started modeling in the nude as well. Can't believe how low he will stoop to capture women. Not sure how we can warn women on websites that he is on except maybe to list as many as possible. Netlog, Perfspot, (German site), Bebo, Plaxo,

Names that he can go by: Alex Glover, Jeremiah Brown, Jerry, Brian, Gabriel Douglas McMadden, Paul Webb


phone number:

steals pictures of Yergs from

2009-01-01, 05:02:03
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Gabriel Mcmadden is real and i saw him with his dog few weeks ago. He lives in Uk. I hate been scammed. I hate that man, I was swindled of 1200$$$$ by this ID.

2009-01-02, 17:33:41
anonymous from Australia  
oh come on please when can McMadden be living in london. When clearly hes name isnt even gabriel McMadden but Ross Yerger who lives in Washington.And l think the man is even gay people check it out your self.
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