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Dating scammer Oliver Peter Brüggert, OPG


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Name: Oliver Peter Brüggert, OPG


South Africa Upington, Toulouse France, Toronto Canada

Other Comments:
Travel and scams on his correct name, actually not a romance scammer like the Nigerian, he dates woman, once they turn around he steels their money. Operates in all Europe now, says he is a photographer travelling through Europe, could find him on mostly every dating site.

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2009-01-24, 02:22:57   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-01-24, 02:22:57   (updated: )
[hidden] from Germany  

2009-02-09, 04:40:46
[hidden] from Australia  
It's a relief to finally see Oliver Peter Bruggert's name come up on a google search that represents his true character. That of a common thief. You who have written this review are absolutely correct. Oliver is a scammer, and not to be underestimated as he is extremely good at what he does.
I met Oliver whilst travelling through Italy. After the beginnings of what I thought was a relationship, he suggested we continue travelling together, which I stupidly agreed to. Shortly after beginning our joint travels, he fabricated a story as to why he all of a sudden didn't have access to any money. His story was that his sister, who performed a regular bank transfer for him whilst he was travelling, had fallen sick and was unable to do what she would normally. So, very stupidly, I began paying his way..for EVERYTHING. Accommodation, food, smokes, travel... You name it, I paid for it! His reasoning as to why he continued to be without money became more elaborate by the day, but at the same time believable. So, after being together for approximately 3 weeks, he concocted a story of his brother and son flying in to Sicily to meet us and fix his money problems. Whilst I was out that day, he disappeared, without paying me upwards of $2000 Australian Dollars that he owes.
On the day of his disappearance, I had 250 euro taken from my bank account using an ATM, my bank card and my pin number. I have no doubt that it was Oliver, and my bank has since very generously refunded me this amount. On this very day, someone had also tried accessing my online bank account, thankfully unsuccessfully! I once again have no doubt that it was Oliver, as I often used his lap top computer to conduct my online banking.
Whilst on our travels, he easily picked my number lock on my backpack. And I am sure that he was thieving from other travellers whilst we were together, as he would often point out security problems with lockers in hostels.
Since Oliver's disappearance, I have contacted others that we had met together. We are now sure that it was he who stole some cash from anothers wallet in a hostel dorm in which we both stayed, and where we met. I have also been in contact with a traveller that Oliver met whilst in France, who generously sent him a large amount of money via a western union money transfer, after Oliver claimed that he had been robbed and left stranded in Italy. The same person reports that approximately 2000 euro was stolen from a locked case of a fellow traveller whilst they were in France and all staying in the same dorm. Oliver was never suspected at the time..but obviously now is.
Oliver spent alot of time on the internet whilst we were travelling, under the guise of working on his backpacking site, which can now be found at He has not added to this website since his disappearance. Alot of the photos of hostel and b&b rooms which he has reviewed on the site, and which I paid for, include my luggage etc. He has even posted a photo of mine on the site, giving me a by line..crazy! I now assume that alot of that time he spent on the internet was taken up with searching dating websites for his next victim.
I have one question for the person who posted this review. Where did you get your photos of Oliver? From a dating website I assume? As one of them was definitely taken by me.
If required, I have a number of other email addresses that Oliver also uses. He, along with his backpacking website, are on facebook. I also have other identifying details.
2009-03-02, 08:53:23
anonymous from Austria  
he's german, born 28.5.1969 - I think it's my lap top computer that he's using!
2009-03-02, 09:07:53
anonymous from Austria  
he's german, born 28.5.1969 - i think it's my lap top computer that he's using
2009-08-06, 02:46:47
anonymous from Austria  

Ich nehme an, es ist meine Kamera, die er bei sich hat/oder hatte.
2009-11-08, 19:37:07
Oliver met and pretended to romance a friend of mine in Portugal, he again concocted some story as to why he didnt have any money, my friend paid his way for approx 4 weeks. On her birthday her mother gave her some money to buy herself a birthday gift, my friend left the money at home and went to work, Peter Oliver Bruggert who had wormed his way into her affections and her family's trust, took her birthday money, took her camera, and stole her ex husbands car and drove to spain. This all happened September 2009, it is assumed he is now scamming in Spain as thats where the car was recovered from.

2009-11-21, 06:21:29
anonymous from Australia  
I am so sorry to hear of your friend's experience in Portugal. It was I that he scammed in Italy in 2008. I can't believe that he continues to do such things. And he's seemingly getting more brazen as time goes on. If nothing else, karma will catch up with him.
2011-12-16, 09:02:48
Try looking for Love and Trust out of your Race; Maybe the Karma is for you people who have been labeling other Races in a negative way???



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