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Dating scammer Johnson Dam


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Name: Johnson Dam


Not Known

Other Comments:
Says he's in Hospital in Nigeria, he's supposed to be working there but has picked up Typhoid and Malaria and needs money to pay the 'doc'.

I am not sure as I have searched a number of web sites for his details. Nothing seems to come up! I have even put his photo's through your photo database and they have not been used before. Could this be a new scammer or just an innocent person who is genuinely in hospital?


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2009-09-24, 20:18:09   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

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2009-09-29, 16:28:48   (updated: 2009-09-29, 16:36:45)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Now getting very clever! I get forwarded this email from him with a copy of confirmation of flight booking to the UK. I checked with KLM (Amsterdam) is that now, reference the BTA (at the end of the confirmation of booking as 700.00 GBP) it should be checked with Nigerian Authorities. Great!

So, when I tell him that I can't help him etc, etc with the BTA and tell him it doesn't exist I get told: I know you are going to go bananna's but there's no such thing as BTA any more and hasn't been for 3/4 decades
johnson_dam: so am laying to u right
johnson_dam: s that what u mean I'm calling KLM
johnson_dam: so am laying to u right
johnson_dam: its Basic Travellers Allowance Fees it doesn't exist
johnson_dam: so am laying to u\
johnson_dam: right xxx\
johnson_dam: u dont fucking trust me\ I am checking with them
johnson_dam: the u think am after ur money xxx
johnson_dam: that s what i was told here hun\
johnson_dam: i cant lie to u well I am checking for you
johnson_dam: i told u any time i tell u something dont tell me u re checking online
johnson_dam: i dont like that
johnson_dam: that means am laying to u no I'm callin them on the phone
johnson_dam: right do that I am don't worry

From: KLM Reservations <>
Subject: Confirmation: Lagos - London (YLRAMU)
Date: Monday, September 28, 2009, 3:18 PM

Your booking has been successful

The confirmation of your booking has been sent to you by e-mail. You will receive your e-ticket(s) at the same e-mail address.
The ticket(s) need(s) to be paid for at the latest on Tuesday 29 September 2009
Please note that processing your payment will take some time. If your payment has not been received within 5 working days, your reservation will be cancelled.
Your payment method Pay at KLM office
The ticket(s) need(s) to be paid for at one of our ticket offices within 48 hours.
If you do not pay for and collect your ticket(s) in time, your reservation will be cancelled.
Please note that our ticket offices only support credit card and cash payments.

Your booking code
Please keep your booking code safe. You can use the code in your correspondence with KLM, if necessary.

Flight - Booking code YLRAMU

Thank you for booking with KLM. We wish you a pleasant flight.


Please make sure that you arrive at the airport on time.

We suggest that you always check in online if possible. This is an easy way to avoid queues at the airport.

All times mentioned are local times.

Please make sure you possess all valid travel documents during your entire journey.

Find more information about health matters, passports and visas on

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact the KLM Service Centre

Flight summary

Departure flight Lagos - London

Thu 29 Oct 09

22:55 Lagos (Murtala Mohammed Airport) - 05:50 Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL0588
Aircraft type: Boeing 777-200 (view seat map)
The waiting time until the next flight is 1h25

07:15 Amsterdam (Schiphol) - 07:40 London (Heathrow Airport)
Class: Economy
Flight number: KL1001
Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800 (view seat map)

Total travel time 9h45
Ticket Economy flexible


Mr johnson dam (adult) Please note that your name is spelt 'JOHNSON DAM' on your ticket
Telephone number 1 002348022846791
Telephone number 2 002348022846791
E-mail address Your e-ticket(s) will be sent to this address.

Seat preference Window
Special meal Fruit meal

Price specification


Ticket price 930.00

Booking fee -

Fuel surcharge 176.11

Sales tax 46.50

Airport service charge 35.00

Security charge 10.64

Passenger service charge 9.19

Netherlands noise isolation charge 2.94

Price (per passenger) 1,210.38
Number of passengers 1

Total price USD 1,210.38

Ticket conditions

Departure flight from Lagos to London - Economy flexible

Changes are permitted at USD 100.00 per change per person.
Changes are not allowed in the event of a no-show.
For changes your new ticket may have a different price after the recalculation of taxes.
The cancellation fee is USD 200.00 per person
A ticket is non-refundable in the event of a no-show.
For cancellations made after departure, the amount of the refund given will be the difference between the total fare paid and the fare for any flights actually taken.
Flying Blue members earn 2932 Miles , upgrade with Miles is possible.
You will be travelling in M class with fare basis MLOWNGN.

B.T.A Status: UNPAID
The Basic Travellers Allowance Fees,must be paid by passengers before departing at the airport in-case of any emergencies on board.The fees will be returned as soon as the passenger arrive at London (Heathrow Airport)

Not Yet Paid(GBP 700 in cash)

For information, services and offers, please visit our web site: This e-mail and any attachment may contain confidential and privileged material intended for the addressee only. If you are not the addressee, you are notified that no part of the e-mail or any attachment may be disclosed, copied or distributed, and that any other action related to this e-mail or attachment is strictly prohibited, and may be unlawful. If you have received this e-mail by error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, and delete this message. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV (KLM), its subsidiaries and/or its employees shall not be liable for the incorrect or incomplete transmission of this e-mail or any attachments, nor responsible for any delay in receipt. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (also known as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) is registered in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, with registered number 330142* ************************************************************************

If you have sent any money to a Scammer as soon as they mention BTA this must ring alarm bells as it has with me. Having spoken to KLM the booking is there! I think this is still a Scam!
2009-10-01, 15:16:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I wonder if anyone is going to take me serious here! All of my email has vanished! the lot!
2009-10-01, 20:30:08   (updated: 2009-10-01, 20:38:07)
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From: BadDog

To: 2009-10-01, 15:16:16 anonymous from United Kingdom

Why would we not respond to or believe you?

If all your email disappeared it was either done by a script/virus
or by 'remote' control of your pc or laptop by the scammer or someone
that they know.

You need to make sure your Anti-Virus/ Anti-Spyware programs are up
to date with the newest virus definitions.

Go to for free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs.
I recommend AVG Free 8.5 and AD-AWARE 2008 Anniv. Edition.

RUN the deepest scans that you can. Stay offline till you do them. Your PC may be
sending copies of a virus to EVERYONE's email address on your computer.

Check that your firewall is even turned on in 'Control Panel' (Windows)
Check the allowed exceptions also in your firewall settings. If you do not
have Anti-Virus or Firewall you have NO security.This will just keep happening.

Of course we more concerned about you. If you are anything like me you are
burning with hurt...and anger at being lied to and scammed. I cannot tell how
long you were sure you knew from your post.

Tell us a little more please and post one of his full emails including the
FULL email header.

BE SURE to 'X' out ANY of your email address or IP information to insure your
privacy. I see that you did that on the 'Chat' text shown above. Good job.

When you post again please use a 'handle' or nickname so that we know we are
addressing YOU. It just makes it easier and a little more personal to assist you.

Thanks for taking the time to post and let us know about Johnson_Dam.

Have a better day,

BadDog and 'The Crew'
2009-10-02, 05:50:45
slyfox from United Kingdom  
Thanks for this, I did the full system scan although I did have norton anti-virus on my laptop the AVG software found 8 Trogans and 1 Spyware, which I have saved to a file if you need to know what they were?

All of the emails that I had were in this Yahoo account which I set up away from my personal everyday email account. The unfortunate thing is, that everything he sent to me was in there and it would seem like he has removed all of it. I have copies on my phone but could only show you the text without being able to get the full header as I would have to forward this to the yahoo account, but if just this alone is of any use, I'm happy to put it on here.

I had to use quite explicit language to tell him to 'back off' in no uncertain terms, so please exuse my language in some of the email! Sometimes you have to do this to get them off your case.

He now knows that I know he's a scammer and has admitted it to me! He says that he is in Lagos, Nigeria and trying to make good money to look after his wife and kids!!! He also says that at least I know he's a scammer!

I am trying to find out more and any names that I should beware of on any web sites! Just in case it happens to be one of his 'mates'.

2009-10-02, 11:13:01
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
@slyfox UK

This is absolutely a scammer..!!!
And be glad you didnt send him any money...
stop any contact with this man ..even if he calls, please dont answer..
and dont tell him about this site...

I will recomend 2 other good antivirus programs,i had Norton and i had lot of problems with my computer,i changed to F-secure and also using windows defender as an complement but i dont know if you having mac ore windows in youre computer..,and another great anti-virusprogram is also McAffe..just recomendations!!and clean the computer so offen you can...has only the mails dissapered ore?? has something else dissapered from youre computer...?? i mean some installed programs can dissaper when you clean the computer from virus??

you can transfer from youre cellphont things that you have on the phone to an computer by Usb and save in a Usb memorie...

thanks for the info..Miss Marple

2009-10-02, 11:51:04
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
Miss Marple,

Many thanks for this. I've cleaned it thoroughly. Everything that should be there is there and it's running much more effectively.

I run Windows defender anyway, and update every 3 days. I am sure it was a Trogan called Zumie and there were 5000+ parasites on my computer! 8 Infections and 1 Worm.

I'll post more information later on this evening of how angry he got that I was searching the internet. He does not know about this website. It was just my email that was taken, no doubt by this trogan or he tunnelled in and cleared the evidence off!

I'll download from my Blackberry and let's see what we find?

Many thanks,


2009-10-02, 12:31:06
Miss,Marple from Sweden  
@Slyfox can also make some other things which is good that you can do..first you can make an quickscanning on the computer..restart it again..and then go to tools and go to delete the Browsing is an info link for the virus zumie... http://answers.yaho..22AA0cd1g

But first clean the computer before you transfer something from youre cellphone!!ore do it in someone elses computer...// Miss Marple
2009-10-02, 12:55:26
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
Miss Marple,

Just done that, thanks! Computer seems free of anything now! :) Thank you.

2009-10-02, 12:57:48
BadDog from Madison, United States  
From: BadDog

To: Slyfox

Thanks for following up on suggestions,
You are in most excellent company having the assistance of Miss Marple.

Good luck with your PC AND with nailing Johnson_Dam.

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2009-10-02, 13:42:31
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
To: BadDog

Fm: Slyfox

Having problems getting the full header from my blackberry, need to investigate further.

I am showing you some of the things he says and the way he tries to work! No money was sent!


-----Original Message-----
From: Johnson Dam <>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 00:14:45
To: <>
Subject: Re: i love u

My Darling xxxxxx

xxxx This letter began as a thought in my heart, but the words can't seem to find the page. Even when I didn't want to love you,
I could only love you more. Loving you has always been easy. Finding the words to express my feelings has always been a
challenge to set free from my lips. I have always loved you without reason or expectation, but with purpose.
I find happiness in loving you. No distance can ever keep us apart. As I found you once before, love pointed the way to you a
nd my heart followed. I follow my heart still, even though I want to let go sometimes. But, I've learned to except your faults
and realize that you're not perfect, and niether am I. We're perfect when we're together. When we're apart, I don't feel whole.
Without you I don't make sense. We're meant to be and I know this because it has always been you, even when only love knew you.
You are the most beautiful woman that I will ever meet. I have loved you all my life, and I will love
you for eternity,just saying i love you i can not find words to explain how i feel about you
agen my love this is the name u re to use to send out the money today
johnson dam

I wonder if there's a link with the infamous 'John Williams'???

I appreciate all the help in nailing this one! He's quite clever! Oh and tried to call me a couple of hours ago! I ignored the call!


2009-10-02, 14:33:40
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
To: Miss Marple

Fm: Slyfox

This will give you something to get your teeth into I hope. It would be helpful if you could find out more form Host Supplier.

Slyfox Johnson, I am here. I wasn't on my own when you were on line I was trying to do work right, I'm here
johnson_dam: Hi sweetie Hi what are you doing?
johnson_dam: site
johnson_dam: am in the site OK why am I in love with you?
johnson_dam: why are you saying this? I have my reasons I don't know anything about you really
johnson_dam: what kind of reasons is that
johnson_dam: i dont want to feel bad
johnson_dam: why are you talking like this what do you mean? feel bad? How do you think I feel at the moment?
johnson_dam: i dont know sweetie
johnson_dam: i want to do everything to make you happy well tell me something
johnson_dam: i dont want you to think bad about me do you have a facebook account?
johnson_dam: no baby ah right? and do you really live in Florida?
johnson_dam: baby why are you doughting me I need to know
johnson_dam: yes baby
johnson_dam: why on earth should have to lie to you
johnson_dam: baby i cant tell you false things about me what did the doctor say your illness was?
johnson_dam: thyphoid
johnson_dam: baby am okay now
johnson_dam: the doctor had given me some medcine well, you should have had the following injections before going on your trip: yellow fever,
typhoid, hepititus A at least, diptheria and so on. how did you get typhoid? do you know it is serious very serious?
johnson_dam: not that seriouse baby
johnson_dam: it changing of enviroment
johnson_dam: that
johnson_dam: what caused it don't I know it only, it takes 10 days to get into your system
johnson_dam: the water, weather and enviroment
johnson_dam: am okay now baby have you never had a typhoid jab?
johnson_dam: baby you so worried about me
johnson_dam: am okay now
johnson_dam: i love you so much do you really?
johnson_dam: baby you so caring
johnson_dam: yes baby too caring
johnson_dam: so much
johnson_dam: baby i need to tell you something you dont know which is what?
johnson_dam: baby can you ask your self this question
johnson_dam: out of millions of men in this world why did you come accross me
johnson_dam: either do i come accross you you came to me in the beginning, I answered you
johnson_dam: baby i have strong believe that it is destine
johnson_dam: why is it you
johnson_dam: out of millions of women in the world
johnson_dam: baby this is our destiny
johnson_dam: cant you feel this
johnson_dam: cant you understand
johnson_dam: since have met you. you have bring me joy
johnson_dam: i feel like a man again
johnson_dam: you are the best of all
johnson_dam: so caring,loving, fun to talk to when are you finished there
johnson_dam: baby i always think about you in Nigeria
johnson_dam: very soon
johnson_dam: i cant wait to be with you
johnson_dam: you know am a man I hope you are a man
johnson_dam: i have to work hard so that our future will be bright and xxxx too
johnson_dam: baby am deing down here
johnson_dam: i wish i can be with you now
johnson_dam: to give you my first kiss hmmm... well that beards got to go :)
johnson_dam: hmn
johnson_dam: baby what have you been doing for today I have been very busy at work trying to look at the building project and bringing in the
dates to christmas that is what I have been doing and looking at the site plan that's all
johnson_dam: okay baby
johnson_dam: my day is not complete if i didnt talk to you
johnson_dam: now i feel good inside me hmm
johnson_dam: yea sweetie
johnson_dam: so baby what about the web host no not come through
johnson_dam: can you call them an ask them what going on i can email them and that is about it
johnson_dam: okay
johnson_dam: what is the name of the website
johnson_dam: where you order it from because of loads of upgrades supergreen
johnson_dam: okay
johnson_dam: okay
johnson_dam: where do you order this from (
johnson_dam: ? that other one you gave me but you can check it online if you type in it comes up with the host
johnson_dam: where did you register that from one of those others clearhost or something
johnson_dam: okay
johnson_dam: do you recieve any email from them
johnson_dam: ? as you can imagine I'm none too pleased about my bank being cleared
johnson_dam: from clearhost? I had no email from them either I can't get into the supergreen account I'm fcuk'd
johnson_dam: hold on
johnson_dam: can you sign in to no I have no account details they haven't sent them
johnson_dam: i think you've registered with them yes but can't sign in because they haven't sent the confirmation with all of the details well, any of the details full stop
johnson_dam: try and sign in with the email and password you use to register there wasn't a password
johnson_dam: are you sure you registered with them with your correct email adress? why couldn't you just wait to do this yourself? yes I can't see what the rush was to do it... it's cost me a fortune everything that I had
johnson_dam: okay baby
johnson_dam: let forget about this what?
johnson_dam: i want you to veiw my new pics
johnson_dam: and i poem i wrote for you how can I do that?
johnson_dam: baby you told me that they will soon email you I have been expecting an email since yesterday
johnson_dam: and you also told me that you will email them i have I am waiting for a response
johnson_dam: okay
johnson_dam: let wait and see ok
johnson_dam: before today end
johnson_dam: okay ok
johnson_dam: am sorry for what?
johnson_dam: baby i want you to veiw my yahoo portofolio ok how?
johnson_dam: i have a new pics there cool
johnson_dam: and i also wrote some poem ok
johnson_dam: hold on
johnson_dam: click on that link ok
johnson_dam: it will open yahoo portofolio
johnson_dam: just log in
johnson_dam: do you get the poem now? I can't get into it the link
johnson_dam: why? i don't know it's not allowing me in
johnson_dam: baby may be i wll have to re upload irt I can't see it can't you just send them to me
johnson_dam: let me see what going on with it
johnson_dam: baby i cant
johnson_dam: but hold i will retify it
johnson_dam: and re- upload it ok
johnson_dam: baby what are yu going to do after talking to me more work why?
johnson_dam: can i come and help you a little bit I have to contact people for meetings and if you want more details, I need toilet :)
johnson_dam: ? what do you mean can you come and help me?
johnson_dam: i want to help you in your office o right
johnson_dam: i dont want you to stress yourself how can you do that?
johnson_dam: i will send you my love angel
johnson_dam: baby do you email Clearhost? yes
johnson_dam: have you email them I am waiting to hear from them too just a mo I need the toilet, it's cold here
johnson_dam: email them again send me the photos and sort the link out so I can see you
johnson_dam: go to there website
johnson_dam: look for there customer care email
johnson_dam: and email them I have done
johnson_dam: do it again I received an email to tell me they will respond in the next 24 hours just a mo, toilet!!!
johnson_dam: okay
johnson_dam: baby the email you sent me
johnson_dam: i have test the account details you sent me I'm back what's up?
johnson_dam: i have test the account details you sent me ok
johnson_dam: super green host
johnson_dam: is working fine yes
johnson_dam: i like it o right, well maybe they have sorted out the problem what do you mean you like it
johnson_dam: it is working fine
johnson_dam: baby what about the second one I have told you that I have heard nothing
johnson_dam: email them now I have I am not spending all day emailing them what about the photo's and poem
johnson_dam: dont email supergreen again. it is working fine now ok
johnson_dam: email the clearhost I have
johnson_dam: give me there email hold on a minute then they are in the same place as supergreen how convenient
johnson_dam: ojk have you sorted out the link for the photo's
johnson_dam: baby i will do that later
johnson_dam: i still want to talk t you please send me one at least
johnson_dam: hold baby
johnson_dam: few minute i'll go and have a smoke then and be back ok?
johnson_dam: okay promise you'll still be here?
johnson_dam: am going to sign out now what? why?
johnson_dam: so that i can work on the like work on the what?
johnson_dam: so that i can work on the link ok, but are you going to sign back in?
johnson_dam: yes
johnson_dam: just give me few minute ok i'm bac back

2009-10-02, 14:54:14
Slyfox from United Kingdom  
To: BadDog/Miss Marple

FM: Slyfox

Please see below, this is from the 'alleged Doctor' who had the audastiy to call me!!

I hope I'm giving you enough good information here. Sorry I haven't sorted out the IP addressing issue yet.


.. --- On Tue, 9/22/09, <> wrote:

From: From: 'Dr. Femi Adams' <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 06:14:44 -0700 (PDT)
To: <>
Subject: Re: Johnson Dam's Health Status

Dear xxxxxxx,
Thanks for your swift response to my mail.As i said in my previous mail to you that I don't know how you are related to
Mr. Johnson but I found your email and phone number in his diary while I was going to treat him and so I contacted you to let
you be aware of his health condition.
He is getting good treatment for now as I'm trying my best to get him back on his feet on time,I have passed a 3(500mg) fluids
so as to flush his system which will be of great help to him.Also some drugs has been prescribed such as Ciprotab which contains
Ciproflaxin,Amoxil,Astymin,MVS- 365 which will cost him some money.I have tried my best to give him treatment at my own risk
cos I haven't been paid for the fluids that was passed but I need some money to make purchase of the medications listed above
and make sure he feeds well until he is strong enough to get back to work.
I will wait your mail soon to see what help you can render him at this time pending he gets well.Have a great day
Dr. Femi Adams.

--- On Tue, 9/22/09, <> wrote:

From: <>
Subject: Re: Johnson Dam's Health Status
To: 'Dr. Femi Adams' <>
Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 2:09 PM

Dear Dr. Adams,

Please feel free to contact me with an update. We argued on the telephone last night, so our relationship was not good last
time we spoke.

When it is possible for him to regain conciousness, please let him know you have made contact with me, let him decide whether
he want's me to know or not.

He can pay for the treatment himself as he told me he gets paid soon. I am sure he would rather you give him the correct
medication than not and he can sort it out with you once he has re-gained conciousness. Currently I do not have the funds.

Thank you for letting me know about his condition, I hope he gets well soon.

Kind rega,


------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

From: 'Dr. Femi Adams' <>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 05:31:05 -0700 (PDT)
To: <>
Subject: Re: Johnson Dam's Health Status

Dear xxxx,
I read your mail now.Well I don't know your relationship with him,I only thought I was helping him by getting
in touch with his people even if his co-workers don't turn up.
He might have not been given the right medication for the symptoms to persist.At this time he is on admission and we
are passing fluids to his body,Should in case you wish to get in touch with him feel free to write me so I can let you
know his health condition.
Dr. Adams.

--- On Tue, 9/22/09, <> wrote:

From: <>
Subject: Re: Johnson Dam's Health Status
To: 'Dr. Femi Adams' <>
Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 1:13 PM

Dear Dr. Adams,

I do not have the funds for this man to be treated. He has been taking medication for Typhoid since last week.

I have no money available to treat him.

Kind rega,


------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

From: 'Dr. Femi Adams' <>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 05:00:11 -0700 (PDT)
To: <>
Subject: Johnson Dam's Health Status

Good day Ma,
I have the privilege to write you this mail as I'm the Resident Doctor of Mercy Hospital.
Mr Johnson Dam was rushed to this hospital this morning by his co-worker and after proper examination/laboratory
test I discovered that he took ill as a result of Typhoid with some Malaria parasite.He complained of severe cold,
constant headache.
I am writing you this mail cos we requested some money from his co-workers who brought him but they haven't turned
up yet and he really needs to be treated,I found your email and phone number in his diary and so I thought I should
contact you to keep you informed of his health status.We require the sum of 550 US. Dollars so that he can be given
the desired medication,I hope to read from you soon though I will give you a call when I have the chance.
Dr. Femi Adams,
Mercy Hospital.

2009-10-02, 18:14:19   (updated: 2009-10-02, 18:22:00)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
To: MadDog/Miss Marple

Fm: Slyfox

I did warn everybody about the language! Please accept my apologies!

I'd done my research and knew what he was! He then started getting worried when I sent the following:


.. ------ SMS ------
To: +2348071030515
Sent: 30 Sep 2009 08:41
Subject: BTA exists nowhere in any country...

BTA exists nowhere in any country in the world! It is made up by scammers & is the biggest income! I have informed the relevant authorities about this! Now leave me alone!

------ SMS ------
To: +2348071030515
Sent: 30 Sep 2009 07:50
Subject: Fuck off scammer!

Fuck off scammer!

------ SMS ------
From: +2348071030515
Sent: 30 Sep 2009 07:49
Subject: Hi hun how ar u doing today .

Hi hun how ar u doing today .miss u xxx

That's when all of my email disappeared!!!
2009-10-02, 18:38:32
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Fm: Slyfox

Now I get this in Spam???? I smell a rat!!!!



From JAMES LOANS CO-OPxERATION Fri Oct 2 20:34:07 2009
X-Apparently-To: via; Fri, 02 Oct 2009 20:21:00 +0000
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JAMES LOANS CO-OPERATION gives out loans at low interest rate 3% to
student,individuals,business men and woman with low credit all over
the globe.Sound lending is base on the promise that the borrowers will us on :(+2348138638238)

pls contact us via

Below are the loan Applications:

* Applicant Full Names:
* Applicant Contact Address:.
* Phone No:
* Country:
* Age:
* Marital Status:
* Amount Required As Loan:
*Proposed Terms/Duration Of Loan:

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