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Dating scammer Allard Haggard


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Name: Allard Haggard



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says he is with the Army in Iraq and will retire in December and is moving back to Huston with his son. Promises he will make you happy and will love you. He will as hundreds of questions and ask you questions that he can only reply that he loves you with every breath that he takes and thinks about you every minute. Says he is a widow (did not say widower and when I questioned about husband he says he did not say his husband died it was his wife that died from cancer) I explained a widow is a woman whose husband has died). says he has a child that is being raised by a friend in Ghana wanting him to learn about the African culture which is OK but hum. This man is Caucasian and his son is also Caucasian. Then he says That 'please try and Get me a new Laptop bcos I slept on mine yesterday when sleeping and now using my Buddys laptop' he doesn't want a used one but a new one...

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2013-04-09, 07:45:34
anonymous a military chatted with me that Micheal and Chris is same person wants me to send him money to pay the courier so he can send me a check. Our conversation by facebook. Those are his begging from me. I am not including my answers to keep it confidential.
     Facebook User: honey plase keep me updated on your movement i have not heard from you i am getting worried
     Facebook User: hello honey i did not hear from you please contact me once you receive this
     Facebook User: hi dear
     Facebook User: babe talk to me
     Facebook User: hello honey
     Facebook User: hear me out please
     Facebook User: babe please i am begging you honey
     Facebook User: please understand with me honey
     Facebook User: i just need your assistance so that this check can be issue to you
     Facebook User: please try and understand with me honey
     Facebook User: have you check on the website i gave to you on the courier
     Facebook User: honey not the way you think
     Facebook User: please my dear
o          Facebook User: if you can assist with 1,000 or 500 usd it will be better
     Facebook User: but honey i am out of money and the courier said they need money before the ch     Facebook User: i am sending you the full amount which is 250,000 usd
     Facebook User: me, but am the real Chris .     Facebook User: I am Micheal long time .....
     Facebook User: i am from Oregon and retired military and i am presently in texas give me your direct line so i can call you now my dear
     Facebook User: 8064163829 you can call me and i will love to go into a fresh relationship with you my dear direct line so i can call you now my dear.

2013-04-09, 13:55:24
OJAS from United States  
Military uses .mil for mail domain, NOT .com like hotmail
2013-04-09, 17:27:45
No one can be trusted these days. Military can also use any website to open an email. Not only their .mil. Duh!!! Who can stop us if we open a private email??? Who are you kidding?
2013-04-09, 19:12:50
OJAS from United States  
Ask your unknown military acquaintance to send a test email from their .mil email, simple as that!

I have received several "threatening" emails from a so-called FBI. The real one uses .gov domain, they know where I am, they will send by US mail in an official eagle envelope, NEVER from a .com email! Further I traced one such IP to Vietnam, Oh! Come on, as if they fly one of their agents to Vietnam to contact someone in the US!
2013-04-10, 09:52:56
anonymous will no longer reply any email I sent because he already posted a wedding photo on his FB he was the one communicating with me before, he accepted friend then on he blocked and unknowingly I saved our conversation.
2013-05-01, 21:29:00
anonymous from United States  
This Guy is now using the name John Haggard from San Francisco and was trying to get me to send him stuff after only a few days...He is very good at the and now putting profiles on Gay Dating websites here are some pics he sent me

2013-05-01, 21:30:19
anonymous from United States  
another pic

2013-05-02, 07:41:11
This Haggard is unbelievable, he circulated many photos all over internet. If this military Chris Haggard the real person concern of those women included me had been scammed, Why he doesn't put a stopper? If he is not part of this net working he could have done something! Can't help noticing he put out different photos again! Ladies please careful, the money they took from me was my lifetime savings. It hurts, so sad, I can't get over it!
2013-05-02, 10:03:48
~Bax! from United States  
... Ma'am,

This is one search result for the single and obscure photo
which you have posted above. The US authorities have full
knowledge that this man's photos are stolen as bait-pics.
Please understand that he is a victim of identity theft,
as you are a victim of cohersion and fraudulence. As an
active duty officer, he has been notified by the CID
that this is happening. Yet, he has his own job to do!
The problem is non-lethal and yet, so grand and outrageous
that the chosen course is one of self preservation outlined
in the second paragraph below. Am sorry that they found you!

180 × 135 Romance Scam • Scammers with pictures of Maj. Chris › ... ›
15 posts - 11 authors - May 4, 2011
He is now using the above id and e-mail address and his story has changed a bit. He is now 46 serving in the US peacekeeping forces in Iraq ...

600 × 450 4ppl | ScamDigger – scam
Sep 18, 2012 – username: jeffrey903 name: jeffrey david email: age : 39 location: Adamsville, Alabama, United States ethncity: - ...

600 × 450 SgtDonald Haggard, | ScamDigger
Jun 29, 2012 – username: Donada name: SgtDonald Haggard email: donaldhaggard39@yahoo. com age: 51 location: Mt Shasta, United States ethncity: white ...

600 × 450 facebook | ScamDigger – scam profiles | Page
Jul 17, 2012 – username: fletcherbobby name: bobby fletcher email: bob_fletcher169@yahoo. com age: 43 location: New York City, United States ethncity: - ...

600 × 450 TransW3C - Image - yahoo! dating site
Results 1 - 15 of 132000 – Be Careful of Scammers... 300x260 - 0K - gif<b>dating</b>-mastery. com [ View full size ] ...
- - - - - - -
FORT BELVOIR, Va. (March 23, 2010) -- Special agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command are warning the American public to be vigilant of Internet scams and impersonation fraud -- especially those promising true love, but only end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.
Aca,!A'These perpetrators, often from other countries, most notably from Ghana, Angola and Nigeria, are good at what they do and quite familiar with American culture, but the claims about the Army and its regulations are ridiculous,Aca,!A? said Grey.

The U.S. has established numerous task force organizations to deal with this and other growing issues; unfortunately, the personnel committing these scams are utilizing untraceable email addresses on Aca,!A'gmail, yahoo, aol,Aca,!A? etc., routing accounts through numerous locations around the world, and utilizing pay-per-hour Internet cyber cafes, which often times maintain no accountability of use. The ability of law enforcement to identify these perpetrators is limited, so individuals must stay on the alert to protect themselves.
- - - - - - -
These are exerpts and you may search Military scam warning for the whole article.
Again, I regret this instance for all. Our combined goal, is to
halt this activity. Once and for all! ~Bax! May 2013
2013-05-02, 19:59:51
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2013-05-02, 07:41:11

If this military Chris Haggard the real person concern of those women included me had been scammed, Why he doesn't put a stopper?

The real Maj. Chris Haggard is most certainly aware that his ID and photos are stolen by West-African scammers and used in scams ,the reality is no one can do anything about it ,no police ,no FBI as the scammers are in Africa and they do not have any jurisdiction to prevent these ID thefts ,so do not blame the poor man that his photos are stolen he is much as you a victim in this, it has affected his privacy as well when women who have been scammed by thieves who pretends to be him have contacted him personally and accused him to be a scammer.Found a article online about this Chris haggard.Only the scammers are the ones to be blamed in this no one else!

Officer: My identity was stolen to seduce and scam

Maj. Chris Haggard, a fire support officer at Fort Sill, Okla., picked up his office phone to an earful of cussing and yelling from a woman who said he had seduced her online and scammed her.

But Haggard had never heard of the woman. His photos and personal information have been stolen and used over and over again by con men in Africa to suck in lonely-hearted women on dating sites and swindle them out of their money.
“She was very upset and she accused me of scamming her, and I finally got her calmed down and told her it wasn’t me, and it’s been going on for at least a year and a half, and she wasn’t the first one,” he said.

This week’s Army Times discusses these scams with a few broken-hearted victims and what the Army’s doing about it. Thanks to blogger Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham of “A Soldier’s Perspective” for the introduction to Haggard, but we were unable secure him for the article *cough-public affairs-too-slow-cough*. We finally got to chat with him.

Haggard took to his Facebook page Monday to fight back, posting information about how the scam works and what victims duped by their ignorance of the Army need to know.
“The scammers use a family emergency as a vehicle to garner sympathy or their location is so bad–and I’m sure there are places in Afghanistan like that–that they don’t have access to money, and the civilians don’t know the Army has systems in place to take care of situations like this,” he said.

Since Fort Drum, N.Y., Criminal Investigations Command contacted Haggard in 2009 about the misuse of his image, he’s seen a number of photos of himself online, mostly from his OIF tour in 2007 and all lifted from his wife’s Facebook and MySpace pages:
Haggard at a restaurant in ACU’s and a cowboy hat, posing with an Iraqi counterpart in East Baghdad, flying in a Blackhawk with his 10th Mountain patch visible. (That’s how CID found him to tell him his photos were being misused.)
“CID told me they weren’t able to do anything about it, and that the FBI weren’t able to do anything about it either because they (the scammers) were in Africa,” he said.

Haggard now has credit monitoring, and he’s “sanitized” his Facebook profile of some personal details, but it sounds like a big headache.
He, his wife, brother and even one of his nieces have gotten phone calls from women claiming to have been in romantic online relationships with Haggard or, if they’ve already figured it out, someone posing as him.

“Personally, I haven’t had any repercussions but it does have the possibility of harming my reputation and I did get that one aggravated phone call that I want to avoid in the future,” he said.

“Someone’s using my name and my image in a criminal enterprise and that has the possibility of impacting my personal life and my career.”
2013-05-04, 08:50:12

Some information from scammers: Mr Ibrahim a Care giver of Micheal Haggard son while he was in Afghanistan Military Camp.

From:     Micheal haggard (
Sent:     Saturday, 16 July 2011 8:08:30 PM
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 02:56:37 -0700
Subject: Hello
Dear Sir,
Its has being great to communication with you.How are you doing there?I know by the grace of the almighty God you are doing well.Sir i am really sorry i couldn't send you mail since in the past few days.Mr Micheal well i am sorry i had know choice than to bring David home now.The Hospital couldnt accept that,i explained to them,of your situation,but the Doctor said ,he is only doing his job thats all.I took David to another hospital and so,i can plead for his treatment.But they couldnt also accept my request.I told them,you will going soon as you are just waiting for your documents to sign..Mr Micheal i am sorry i cant exactly tell you,David condition is now.I am sorry ,but wouldnt know what will happen next,because his condition is getting worse.I am sorry for telling you this.Well David is at my place now,i am doing my best Mr Micheal,but its seems is not enough,because his condition is getting worse everyday.Mr Micheal can we try to do anything so fast,so David condition can be better.I am really afraid now,of Davids condition.I am sorry to tell you this..Sir ,we need to do something fast to save the life of David..He is in a bad condition and wouldnt know what can happen any moment.....Please get back to me as soon as you can.I hope with this,you will understand how David's condition is now.Thank you.

Micheal haggard (
To: xxxxxx

Hello my love,well Mr Ibrahim sent me this same mail as well.I will be very grateful if you can help me this time around again my love.Thank you and take care of yourself.Love you forever...

David Dr ( 20/07/2011
Hello Madam
As i said before,am going to my possible best to save David.I have already started treatment on him,and he will recover.Madam please its will be best if you can try to raise all the Money,because i already explained to the hospital that,there have being half payment already,i said this before,i don't want to be questioned.So in closing this issue,please try to raise this 3000ghc within today or tomorrow..Please don't think am pressuring.I really respect your decision and understand your situation,but its just that,i want us to co-operate with eachother,so i don't have any problem here.I will also pray as well,so you can find way to get the Money,i really understand.With God all things are possible..Please try to raise this Money as soon as you can..Well in your previous mail,i saw your number in that,and i wanted to call,i tried calling you,but know answer..So in closing this issue,i do respect all that,you explained in the mails,but i want you to try to raise the rest of Money as soon as possible..I am only doing my best Madam and i promised to do just that to save David..Thank you....

...Take notice they used the name of GOD! Micheal Haggard money recipient Mr Ibrahim Dantani and Oliver Nyabo. His son caregiver. Below their addresses;

Dear Madam,
Its has being great communication with you.How are you doing there?.I know by the grace of the almighty God you are doing well?Well am sorry i couldn't send you this information's on time.The information's are as follows;

School;Holy wood international school
Address;225 legon Avenue street
Teacher: Mr. Ibrahim Dantani (
School name;Holy wood international school
School address; 28
Phone number;(00233)274232568
living address;229 legon Avenue street

Hospital name;Iran clinic
Hospital email
Doctor's name;Charles Tetteh

Madam please here are the information's you required.Madam Davids condition is getting worse now.I have sent previous mails to Mr Micheal but haven't get any reply from him yet.Please we need to do our best fast,so we can save the life David.Thank you.Bye

This person Micheal Haggard trusted friend collecting the money I sent for son David:

ZIP CODE:00233

Military Micheal Haggard promised to repay me once he's out - back to New York because all his allowances deposited in the Bank of America. Those are few of the evidences how this scammer played with me.

Psychologically I am very much affected mentally and emotionally I'd been doing my best to saved someone life! How sickening was that using God and pleaded to God he is not a scammer!

Miss Marple,

Before I my traveled to US I contacted Maj. Chris Haggard, by FB he made friend with me, here is the evidence:
**** Chris Haggard confirmed you as a friend on Facebook‏
Facebook (
From:     Facebook (
Sent:     Thursday, 14 June 2012 8:52:22 PM***

To cut the story short we had those chat above pages; while I was in US recently before Chris got married to JB we were chatting and as well phone conversation. He given me this number while I was in US telephone no. 8064163829 begging me to send the amount to pay the courier so he can send me the check of $250.00 usd. He said send in this person name :
     Facebook User: if you can assist with 1,000 or 500 usd it will be better

     Facebook User: honey if you want to assist you can make the payment to this details via money gram or western union RON THOM address to windom minnesota

     Facebook User: i am now in Minnesota to see my friend and if you can move down it will be better then we meet here in Minnesota. i am presently in texas give me your direct line so i can call you now my dear

     Facebook User: honey i am now happy that i am speaking with you again i will not do any thing to hurt you babe i will love you till i die baby and i will be with you soon and promise me that you will take care of th

     Facebook User: honey here is the website to the courier company that will deliver the check to you

He unfriend/blocked me after but I saved all those chats. I still have more in my files and some of his emails as evidences that it was true I heard his voice an American accent. I was in US that time and that number is US I called him up.

I have doubts/questions somehow he is connected with this scammers. The only thing it can make my mind at peace if, he is not involved He could have done a withdrawal of all his photos to all websites by then will be not many women will get hurt with those younger days photos of him. The fact his look now is a lot different with those photos circulating in the internet websites.

2013-06-18, 02:19:58
anonymous from Mexico  
Esta persona no se como me contacto por skipe ayer, mi skipe es privado. le pregunte como y me contesto esto: sgt.daniel8 Nombre Daniel Ramos.
Viudo solo en el mundo, no tiene hermanos, su madre lo abandono de 6 años y su padre murió, dice ser de Tampa Florida. 54 años, Esta 'Misión especial paz en Afganistán'
i am a ARMY and i am Afghanistan for a peacekeeping mission
sgt.daniel8: Our mission here will end by 2014 but i will be having a vacation by August this year

2013-10-28, 22:31:45
Its now October 2013. This poor person whose identity is being splashed all over the internet is still being bastardized by the people that stole his identify. Not only is the scammer hurting those that he is communicating with (and yes, the little bugger is still active), I feel sorry for the poor guy. And, he's still using the same pictures.

I'm fortunate that I didn't loose any money to the scammer. Something from day one just didn't fit well. Perhaps it was poor grammar and spelling mistakes. How unfortunate to have everything in your life go so wrong - lost his parents at a young age, his wife messed around on him (he caught her in bed with another guy). He has full custody of his son ... but he resides with the ex while he is deployed? Majority of the story is the same.

Okay, the story took a turn for the ridiculous when he announced that he and his troop found a pot of gold (really, where is Lucky and his lucky charms?). Obviously the red bells were blinking!! This was my stop, and I got off the scam train here.

I have reported the scammer to my local police. They put me in contact with the Canadian authorities that look after internet scams. I didn't let on to 'Michael Haggard' that I didn't believe, but since I contacted the authorities I have not received any further emails from this offender.

Everyone, please be careful. If it's not sitting right with you, don't take a chance. If you're lonely call a friend. If you go on a dating site, try to only communicate with local people and don't keep those conversations on-going for long.

In the one month that I have been on dating sites, I have had the misfortune of encountering 4 scammers. Michael Haggard was the best though. Kudos to the person behind this one. But, trusting my instincts probably saved me a lot of heart ache and the loss of funds that I don't possess.

2013-10-28, 22:32:59

2013-10-28, 22:33:29

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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