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Dating scammer Parker Lopez


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Name: Parker Lopez



Other Comments:
Met this guy on match; a few emails later he was in love with me and soon started asking for money and to send it through Western Union to Accra Ghana to a Richard Afriyie. He also goes by the name John Manuel, Srgt. Steve Lopez and of course Parker Lopez. He is also on Facebook under these names.

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2012-01-09, 18:08:50
anonymous from United States  
This guy Parker Lopez is also going by Johny Lopez. Claims to want money for this boy that he rescued and has a hole in his heart. Knew immediately he was a scam, he couldn't answer basic questions, that I was asking. He was just on again and like others, claimed to be in love with me after 2 days.

He is seeking money ladies so watch out for this one. Money to pay for Eben's surgery and special needs. In addition, he seeks electronic devices that he needs because he is going to go into the field on a mission and wants to stay in contact with you.

He is not real and his yahoo mail address that he used with me was

His match profile indicates inconsistencies from the beginning (e.g., have a daughter when he says he has a Son by the name of Joshua). He indicates both of his parents are dead and he is a widower. His profile says he is from Ashley, OH but can tell me what military unit he is assigned to...RED FLAGS everywhere. Don't fall for it woman.

Look on scammers website too.
2012-01-20, 15:06:35
anonymous from United States  
this guy is a piece of shit he is trying to scam my mom i knew he was no good you can see it in his eyes!!! aka also franco lopez

2012-01-21, 17:59:13
anonymous from United States  
this guy was trying to scam my mom he is also known as Franco lopez he claims only child both parents died in a plane crash and wife died and has a 17 yr old son going to school in africa so BEWARE
2012-01-30, 10:09:19
^ BEWARE of this horrible man !!! My mother was in the same exact situation. He also went by Franco Lopez, and he states he is in the US Army in Afghanistan. She started talking to him in November and he says he was going to retire at the end of January and he was going to pick up his son Wayne in Ghana first. Supposedly his son has a hole in his heart and is being taken care of by care takers in Ghana. He also states his parents died in a plane crash, and his wife died as well. He stated once he was out of the Army he was going to come visit my mother and was going to buy them a house together. Once he 'left the Army' and went to pick up his son in Ghana and was on the way to the airport, he was supposedly robbed and they took his ID, passport, and plane ticket. He then started to ask my mother for $750 for him to come home and to see her. My brother and I have been suspicious all along, especially after this incident. We came across this site and realized it is the SAME EXACT guy !!! DO NOT give him ANY money!!! We then found him again on twice in the past 2 days with the SAME picture but different names. He was reported to, but we know he will continue to keep changing his name. ALSO BEWARE HIS NOT A SOILDER!!! He is stealing this poor guys pictures and stating he is him. Also, if you take notice the uniform is NAVY not even the ARMY !!! Once he found out my mom caught him he kept calling her all night, and texting her and would not leave her alone. He is A SMOOTH TALKER AND WILL NOT GIVE UP !!!!
2012-01-30, 10:20:46
I dont know how the above picture i tried to load of him shows this lady, but all the picture on this thread is the SAME man.
2012-02-08, 01:13:37   (updated: 2012-02-08, 01:28:33)
anonymous from United States  
I got the same story from Franco Lopez. That he was the victum of a targeted hit on him on the way to the airport. His Tickets, Passports and ID's where stolen. The care taker of his son, Wayne 13 yrs old, saved his life and was shot and in the Hospital. He wanted money for the motel bill that the embassey put him up in.

2012-02-08, 01:43:34
anonymous from United States  
He told me that he was Staff Sargent Franco Lopez on a special unit stationed in Lybia. I just feel sorry for this poor guy that got his photos hacked.
2012-02-08, 20:15:37
anonymous from Canada  
This guy is unbelievable. Even after I discovered who he was and wouldn't send him money to get home from Ghana he continues to text and call me. He doesn't give up still claims to be Franco from New York and can't understand why I don't believe him. This is the last picture he sent me about three weeks ago.

2012-02-13, 19:41:58
Gary Anthonidis tried to scam me over a period of 2 month. He claims to live in San Diego, but has repositioned to Vancouver, B.C., Canada for a job opportunity as a petroleum engineer. His story follows the rest of the scammers: a widow, raising a 21 yr. old daughter, looking for love, taking care of all the family. Tragedy unfolds as his mother in Australia falls ill, then he disappears to cope with her failing ill health. Next step in the story is 'Mom dies' and he's held up in Australia dealing with the estate. Of course that trail leads to Kuala Lumpur where it's discovered the family has a rare art piece held in lieu of financial contracts owed to his deceased father. Next step is a call from customs claiming he's being held for unpaid taxes and smuggling, ..... the custom officer requests bail money and taxes.

? Gary Anthonidis ? sings you 'love songs, calls you 'Bo' and claims love with out first sight of you. Such a tragic story he is, and the whole lot that follows along.

Beware of this dude ladies, he's a sad state of 'human relations' on line.....don't buy a word of it.

This picture is his 'parting' picture while staying in KL, on the first flight home to 'meet' the love of his life. Ya.......right.

2012-03-02, 18:34:12
anonymous from Canada  
I run into these type of people every week on Only about 1/10 guys seem to be real. You can usually tell by how their spelling and word usage seems to be off. And their information of US life is either wrong or they ignore specific questions about the Town they supposedly live in. Women and Men, don't be desperate. If they sound too good to be true and you haven't met after a few emails then run. If they say you are their- Angel, one and only, beautiful love.....etc. and you have emailed less than 5 times- run.
If someone is worth it and wants to meet you , they will find a way. They should, male or female, pay to come see you or you should pay to see them, but never send them the money. Meet first, if there is attraction and you have fun and you can afford it, pay them back. But I bet 9 out of 10 times , they are not real, will never make a committment to see you and show up. Match . com if filled with these creeps. Be careful.
2012-03-02, 23:10:40   (updated: 2012-03-02, 23:26:40)
anonymous from Australia  
Anonymous from Canada or Miss Marple,
Can you answer me one question Please?
I have been in contact with a man who says he is from Australia, he knows about Australia and his daughter is here in Sydney, I have been speaking with for 9 months now and I have sent him money, but he does not seem to be going away, I have confronted him so many times calling him a rotten scammer and other words I cannot put into print, We have webcamed and I have seen his face but he has been through so much while he has been in Ghana, very much like what stories I read on this site but he promises me and is very insistant that he is not a scammer and that he is real and is coming back to Australia.
I do not know what to think anymore, I have threaten to put him on this site and also advise the authorities of him and send all this pictures I have, which are about 5 in total and range from younger to older pictures of him.
And I should add is that I have spoken to a lot of people he has been involved with in ghana and have a lot of names and numbers and address for these people, and I have also told him I am trying to come over there and he is happy about me doing this and cant wait for me to go over there.
Tell me is this man a scammer, he has not asked me for anymore money for 5 months now and says he just needed my help that is all.
2012-03-03, 08:21:43
Miss Marple from United States  

No doubt this is an scam! This is the result what this scammer wants to have in you:DOUBT
Never doubt this is only an scammer ! If you once have sent money to an scammer he will never ever stop asking for money even if it goes 1 or 2 years between ! Scammers can work on a victim for an long time,and you seem to soften up now for him ,i just tell you ,once scammer always an scammer ! No real and honest man asks for money!

So he says he is in Ghana and will return to Australia,he will never come to Australia and the daughter he says is in Australia is just fake! Have you met the daughter or spoke to the daughter and have been confirmed that she even exists??

and I have also told him I am trying to come over there and he is happy about me doing this and cant wait for me to go over there

Do not even think about that for your own security! Victims on scam have done this before and very bad things have been happened unfortunateley,there are reports on kidnapping ,rapes and even must know that scammers are criminals,they scam people for theire living ,for drugs and other criminal activitys as money laundry .I do not advice anyone to go to Ghana or Nigeria to meet anyone they have met online.Even if you confront an scammer with the truth he will never admit it! I just advice you to stop talking with this scammer,change addy ,phone number as he will never stop doing this to you! Scammers operates in gangs also,so you have been probably stayed in contact with many scammers,they work in shift please for your own sake stop this!

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

Scam Victims Kidnapped.

Some desperate victims have attempted to recover their losses by actually traveling to Nigeria (not a good idea) to track down the scammers... with disastrous consequences.

1996... a Swedish business man is kidnapped and $500,000 is demanded for his release.

1999... a Romanian man suffers the same fate and the same $500,000 ransom is demanded.
2008... a Japanese business man is kidnapped and $5 million ransom demanded from his family.

Scam Victims Murdered.

1994-1997... scammers are believed to have murdered at least 15 victims of various nationalities during this time.

1999... Norwegian business man is murdered in South Africa in a scam gone wrong.

2004... a 29 year old Greek man is murdered in South Africa after his family refuses to pay a ransom. (ref:Wikipedia)

2012-03-03, 08:42:57
Miss Marple from United States  

Please report this scammer also to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC),.Australia works very hard on romance scams online originated from Ghana and Nigeria,and please report him here also,so other women can be warned on this your information here on this thread.Thank you and please stay safe out there.
//Miss Marple//

2012-03-03, 15:18:10
anonymous from Australia  
Hi Miss Marple,

Thank you for your reply and I do think that I finally get it that he is a scammer and I will now go ahead and put all the details I have on this scammer on this site.
It is very heart breaking to be faced with the reality of all this and I want to do much harm to but I am sure that God will get him eventually if the devil himself doesn't.

2012-03-03, 20:51:35   (updated: 2012-03-03, 20:52:41)
Miss Marple from United States  
I am very glad and relieved that you see the scam in this ! I know it can not be easy to be in your shoes now,i know it is hard to cut something that has been going on for an long time,but this is not an real or honest person you are dealing with.I have met so many victims on this site that have been in your situation,manipulated ,abused,robbed both financially and emotionally.the worst part for the victims seems to be the emotional part.I hope you have someone you can share your thoughts and thinkings after this thing.If not you are always welcome to share your thinkings here on this forum,here are many victims of scam and knows how it feels.Please post your material on this scammer,it will help others who search for information on this scam,you are strong that you came forward here!

Please read my article how you recognize male scammers and please post there if you want.
All kind regards //Miss marple//
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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