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Dating scammer Tomi Williams, Nelson Helderman


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Name: Tomi Williams, Nelson Helderman


Nelson Helderman
7114 Kundiman Street
Sampaloc, Manila City
1008 Metro Manila

Name : Nelson Helderman
Address : 236 ramsey ave
State: Manilla
Country: Phillipines
Zipcode: 1000

Other Comments:
Met on he lived in Alpharetta, GA, but was in Phillipines finsihing an Engineering job. This was to be his last field work....Wants to settle down.
Widower. Wife died of lung cancer; daughter Victoria Lives with mother Sarah in London.
Claims he wil be returning in two weeks, but then an accident happens on the site...A man is killed who has a two week old baby. He is short money to pay the taxes to exit the country, but he wants to come home to we can be together...Will pay me when he liguidates the day he returns...I said Hell No....found this site and realized I was being set up.

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2011-10-03, 11:21:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2011-10-03, 11:21:52   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2013-01-28, 14:39:01
I met a guy online and the familiar story of being foreign, in love right away, now out of country working and having difficulties with online bank account. Stuck in Manilla until pays custom taxes and fines. Hasn't asked for money yet but I am waiting! Used this address on an official document he received from Philippine government telling him what he owed and will keep his passport until pays. Like I said hasn't asked for money yet but I am suspicious!
2013-01-29, 14:37:54
anonymous from United States  
I had a man by the name Boyd Dawson try to scam me for money. All the red flags eventually came up as we were texting and talking. We had met on a dating site. He had an accent, widower, on a trip in Manila for business. He was going to come visit me after he left Manila. Well while in Manila all of the sudden he was having problems with his online bank account and passport. Asked for money to help him out. Said it would only be a loan. Interesting thing is he sent me a copy of a fake letter he had gotten from customs in the Philippines. The address he used as his address in the letter was the same as the one listed here. 7114 Kundimam street sampaloc 1008 manila phillipines. On some searches I have also found this address to be on where someone is advertising for a woman only to rent an apartment/room. I hope if anyone else has had this address or name used in a internet scam they will post on this page.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Boyd Dawson

2013-07-15, 17:06:06
anonymous from United States  
this male scammer is still at it!!! he's using online dating sites the most. he used this time. his name is boyd barrows 50 something widowed white male with a foreign accent from Austin,Tx. he's self employed owning his own cocoa bean company BeeBee Beans. within 2 weeks of talking/texting, he has to take a spur of the moment business trip to the Philippines. this time he takes his college aged son mike dawson. after being in the Philippines for about 5 days, its time to come home. he goes to the harbor with his shipment to make sure everything goes ok. now they cant leave cause customs has seized his shipment and both his and his sons passports. he now has to pay a fine from customs or their passports will never be released. heres a copy of the customs letter he sent me and also a copy of the receipt showing he paid the fines. he asks u to transfer some of his own money to him. it doesn't work. then he asks you to send him some money he will pay u back. he asks to wire him some money through moneygram. since he doesn't have his passport to use as identification, he says to send the money to john Kendrick, the condo manager, cause he can trust him. i googled his Philippine address and it sent me to this site.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer boyd barrows

2013-07-15, 19:49:11
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-09-18, 09:08:30
anonymous from Canada  
A friend of mine had his facebook account hacked yesterday and someone from this address asked me for money, as he had been mugged and needed to get home......Who falls for this stuff?
2013-09-18, 12:26:24
OJAS from United States  
Trace the IP, it will likely be Nigeria
2013-11-20, 12:16:46   (updated: 2013-11-20, 12:17:57)
anonymous from United States  
I had the same person stating he is out on a business to the Manila Phillipines asking me to help his out and his son Mike. Claiming he can help and take care of me once i help him out.. He claimed to stuck out there since April 26, 2013.. and said he was trying to get his old job Bewleys company to send me a check to cash it and send him the money to get him home at the 1908 Vista Lane Austin TX.
Now I dont know if he is legid or not, but i did not send any money and now he is not texted me or called me anymore.. His name is Boyd Barrows. i do have a picture, but not the one that is shown in this scammers list
2013-11-20, 20:26:43
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-11-20, 12:16:46 (updated: 2013-11-20, 12:17:57)
anonymous from United States

Post your photos you have and emailaddress the scammer is using .Scammers changes very often photos and emailaddresses ...
2014-02-23, 15:46:09
anonymous from United States  
So I too was scammed (almost) into sending $2,000 USD with the supposed address being 7114 kundiman street sampaloc 1008 manila. I luckily googled the address only to find it associated with scammers. Needless to say , I did not send a penny Pheeew. ANyway, I got to know a Filipina from Zamboanga City through the online dating site, Now most of these young beauties are scammers based on my many interactions with them.

But the one Marry Anne Santos has me going for a while. One of her (assumed) pictures is here for those to be on alert.

She is very pushy and belligerent. I found her to be the worst among Filipinas…

Be on guard US Men. These women are very seductive and will lure you in to draw you out of your $$$$$

2014-02-23, 18:42:56
Bax from United States  
I swear, some of you guys really amaze me!

I've been doing this going on 2yr now and at times it's still hard to ID your scammers.
Then people like this show-up. No questions or searchings for truith...
Just continued clinging belief, in what the scammer has led you to.

Postings of that type, do NOTHING WHATSOEVER to educate new web-surfers nor do they help to
expose the real scammers, thus reducing the chance of criminal success in online fraud!

The person in your pic is a Mexican actress named Maite Perroni.
She is known throughout the Latino cini-plex and her photos are shown here;

She is also shown in these sub-janras;
Bing WebImages Maite Perroni
NudeMaite Perroni, XXXMaite Perroni, PlayboyMaite Perroni, DesnudaMaite, RBDMaite Perroni,
BikiniMaite Perroni, HotMaite Perroni, Y William LevyMaite Perroni, 2013Maite Perroni Embarazada

La Gata (telenovela)From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Format Serial drama
Starring: Maite Perroni, Daniel Arenas, Laura Zapata, Jorge Poza, Paulina Dávila
Country of origin Mexico Original language(s) Spanish
La Gata is an upcoming Mexican telenovela to be produced by Nathalie Lartilleux for Televisa. It is a remake of the Venezuelan telenovela La Gata, produced in 1968 and Mexican telenovela Rosa Salvaje produced in 1987.[1]

Your post is similar to what scammers themselves will say, so that they can remain unknown and
make people believe that they are actually talking to the person in the photos.

In the future... Be careful not to spread lies and bad info!
Please post more about your scammer so we can locate where and who they really are.
Mostly, Never become emotionally entangled with photos that make you send money to strangers!

2014-02-24, 03:44:59
anonymous from Bulgaria  



Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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