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Dating scammer Gen. John Miller


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Name: Gen. John Miller


Accra, Ghana

Other Comments:
He chatted me and courted me then he asked for money for the 'school fee and lesson fee and laptop of his son'. he said that i can send money through this account: alfred okpoko, country: accra ghana through western union.

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2014-12-20, 19:48:12
anonymous from Brazil  
Hi everyone! The scammers are acting now in Brazil. I've been chatting a suspicious man. Completly non sense stories. The scammer is sending me this military pic. He thinks I have believed he is my soulmate! hahahaha. He forgot that I live in Brazil, a country where frauds are part of our routine.
he says he is from Massachusetts, USA, but he is in Ghana, in a mission against Boko Haram. kkkkkkk

2014-12-21, 09:27:01   (updated: 2014-12-21, 09:28:29)
anonymous from Brazil  
He is it at again. Be careful! The most interesting thing is that I live in a country where frauds are common (what a shit!) and I realized very fast it was a scammer. I sent him messages saying I was in love, etc. until he asked for $1000 saying that he was adopting a child whose parents were killed by the Boko Haram.
ATTENTION: with this information, I could realize that those who are victims of these criminals, send money to criminals who belong to those terrorist groups. It's much more than just an individual criminals. It's an organization. I'm almost sure he is member from the Boko Haram.
Here is the same old picture used by scammers.

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2014-12-25, 13:06:57
anonymous from Poland  
yes I am deceived, Aaron Ramos has my e -mail,, + skype number and send me information that I want to come presumption, dopolski in April 2015 will end kedy Room missions in Iraq, he sent me pictures, but now wem, the pictures of Aaron Ramos his photographs are not

2014-12-26, 03:50:28
Actually, I think Donald Miller (again) is unintentionally olnisimpvrfyieg things based on his own experiences. I don't necessarily mind it (I surely do the same thing), but in this case, I think he is just plain wrong (this assertion doesn't apply to children, for whom reading indubitably plays a positive role in development; Miller isn't writing to them, anyway). I love (love, love) reading, and I think it does people loads of good by promoting understanding. But, I don't think it helps adults to 'get ahead' or get into leadership positions, and when it comes to practical matters, reading is often overvalued by the academic/literary elite. I just finished reading Outliers (fascinating, fascinating book), which has a great deal to say about how people 'get ahead' in life, and I recommend those interested in the subject look to Malcom Gladwell's wealth of thought and research rather than a nice idea that worked out well for Donald Miller.
2014-12-27, 07:52:39
anonymous from Mexico  
There is a scammer that says he is Robert Miller worki g for us army special forces in afganistan the picture he sends in his uniform the last name that appears says Meeker if you ask him about thst he says is his other father last name, he is in okc web.

2014-12-31, 18:30:05
anonymous from Philippines  
this person is BHIMA GARCIA FERREROS, thhe recipient of his scammer father JUAN ZENON MEDRANO FERREROS. the father would ask money to me several times, a huge amount like P50,000, P20,000 and would deposit money to bhima's accont.... the mobile phone he is handling in the picture came from me...his father asked me to buy, then after a while, then he will changed his mobile phone number and hide...unreachable...

2015-01-05, 07:03:58   (updated: 2015-01-05, 07:16:31)
He argues that the UN soldier hockey Adams lieutenant and is now mission in Syria. He is divorced and has two sons. End of the mission going to ride up to me will learn to my language. Very beautiful tells about the future that wants to spend the his age in days up with me. Do not believe his lies and use other photo images. He is a trickster.
He to use such stolen fofo pictures.

how are you doing? I am so sorry that I did not write to you earlier than now. It has not been easy for me but I thank God for bringing me back to you. Honey four of my friends got shot by the rebels and they are dead now as am communicating with you. I thank the Lord for my life and others that survived the attack.
Honey I have not been able to come online due to the pressure and injuries I have sustained during the mission, I needed to treat myself so that I will be able to get back to my feet, so that I can come online to talk to you and tell you what happened and what is going on.
Baby there is something I want to disclose to you as a my trusted friend, wife to be and the love of my life and I want you to keep it as a top secret to yourself and please don't disclose it out to anyone in this world my love. Honey I really need your help and trust now because I see this to be my chance and life opportunity for my service in the military.
Baby, there is something I want to tell you and i need your help on it . We discovered some money and treasure in the mission we went for that we lost some of our friends. When we got to the hideout where the terrorist were camping, we broke in and exchange gun shots with the terrorist during which we lost some of our men but we managed to get the leader and gunned down 12 others. While moving into the premises and searching for ammunition's that they might possess, we discovered an amount of 42 million united states dollars,
diamond stones and Gold bars and also with piles of weapons and ammunition. I ordered My men to carry this treasures to the camp.
when we got to the camp, the other Generals in the camp called I and 14 other top officers and told us that we are going to share the money among ourselves. His reasons are because, whenever we find things like this and return it to the American Government, they never give us anything in return. They always tell us that they will compensate us and our families when we leave Syria; but from what we have been told by the soldiers who have completed their duties here, they said the U.S government never keeps to their words and they still have to chase them around to get even their salaries owed them. Baby, the money has been shared among us and other soldiers who went for the mission and My share was an amount of 3.5 million united states dollars.
Honey i have packed my share of the money inside a box that was used by the medical crew working with the United Nations who came to treat us and I have asked the lead doctor to help me deposit the box to any finance and security company he knows around, he told me he will be on his way to Accra-Ghana where he will be making the deposit of the box where I kept my share of the money to a Security Company and he will send all the details to me, so that i can be in contact directly with the security company information that he will send to me. Honey, the lead doctor does not know that the boxes contains money because I told him that the boxes contains my family valuables.
Honey I missed and love you so much and I will forever be thankful to God for bring me back to you, you are the only one I was thinking for and I know your prayer brought me back my love.

2015-01-07, 18:30:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  
He has just written to me by skype he is now as `mk48karumeru`
2015-01-08, 05:54:28
Tak mnie też oszukał ja go poszkodowanych i wysłałam pieniądze zostałam oszukana proszę o pomoc
2015-01-08, 05:56:29
anonymous from Poland  
Mnie też oszukał to jest oszust okradł mnie bo mu uwerzylam i wysłałam pieniądze zostałam oszukana proszę o pomoc
2015-01-08, 09:52:14
Anonim z Polski
Bardzo przykro mi, że zostałaś oszukana. Wiem, jak źle się teraz czujesz.
Proszę umieścić na tej stronie jego adresy mail , telefon, skype , listy itp.
Na tej stronie Delphia znajdziesz adresy , gdzie można zgłosić oszustwo.
Jest bardzo dużo oszukanych kobiet. Przeczytaj , wiem, że to nie przyniesie Ci teraz ulgi.
Niestety pieniądze nie są prawdopodobnie do odzyskania. Oszuści wykorzystują zdjęcia niewinnego żołnierza.
2015-01-12, 03:50:04
anonymous from Slovak Republic  
mne tiež písal na skype ako lukaz milton ale ja som mu peniaze neposlala neverila som jeho sladkým slovám a preto neposielajte peniaze nikomu nikdy cez moneygram alebo cez wester union
2015-01-22, 16:29:18
He is a scammer....

2015-01-25, 18:01:50
Esta es la dirrecion electronica para que lo contactara para que me entregara un paquete es el mismo de la foto no le haga caso.
2015-01-25, 18:01:50
Esta es la dirrecion electronica para que lo contactara para que me entregara un paquete es el mismo de la foto no le haga caso.

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