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Dating scammer Michael Schwab


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Name: Michael Schwab


Don't know

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I met this person on okcupid. He went by the user name lovingyou1566 and then sincerheartluv. We communicated by email and phone calls for about two months. After the first two of communication, he said he had been awarded a project contract in Liverpool, England. After a couple of weeks in Liverpool, he started running into problems. First he lost his wallet and then he said that his equipment had arrived for his project, but he was unable to get his equipment out due to the fact that it went over what his contract budget would allow. He started asking me for money to help him with retrieving his equipment from customs. At first he wanted $30,000.00. I told him NO. Then as each week went by, he would ask for less. The final request was $3000.00. Needless to say, I did not give him any money, and he stopped emailing me. I was also contacted by another woman who had also been dealing with this Michael Schwab from a different dating site. He also tried to scam her for large amounts of money. He used a different photo than the one site that I met him on. i want you ladies to know that this guy is very good at what he does. I don't want to see a woman being taken advantage of by these online dating scammers. I also want to add that he copied all his love letters to me from Each email sent me was new and titled in the subject line. (The titles were the exact titles of the love letters he copied from Ladies, he goes by the name of Michael Schwab, he says he is originally from Iowa. He says he owns a Pipeline Engineering business called Revolution Engineering, Iowa. Please beware.

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2012-09-15, 14:01:13
When on the dating site where I met him, his profile said he was local to me. Once started communicating via email, he had to go out of town, and then overseas. Still professes to be coming back, still stuck, still asking for money to help out. I'm playing the game.
2012-09-18, 21:48:21
Scammer Mike Carausu. On used screen name of mci1366. Email address First time, asked for money to be wired to bank in California and second time asked for money to be wired to bank in Columbia South Carolina. Provides the bank routing #, account # and beneficiary. Might try to promise you he will pay you back by showing you his fake account information for NatWest Bank in London(account and pin number) with the following statement 'For the purpose of trust and reassurance that i will be able to have the money returned back to you by Friday, please find below my online banking details for my transit account with the local bank'; however, there is no bank at the address listed and the account number is bogus. What you see is a dummy web-site with a log in. The account number & pin he sends you opens up a document with his account information including his account balance that he is not able to access until the work is needs your money so he can complete the job. Smooth talker, lots of calling you 'baby' 'sweetie' 'darling' 'you are my last hope' 'will not disappoint you' yada...yada...yada.
2012-09-20, 17:49:13
Regarding the above post. Michael Carausu requested money be sent to the bank in South Carolina into the account of a woman named Charmika Rushdan. Her name appears in other threads about scamming on this site.
2012-09-21, 21:49:10
More pics of Michael Schwab

2012-09-21, 21:49:55
anonymous from United States  

2012-09-22, 14:10:01
Although I did not receive these pictures from my scammer, this is the person I knew as Mike (Michael) Carausu. Phone number 408-912-8441. Claims to be a pipeline engineer working in Liverpool bay. Multiple things go wrong with his contract and he needs money. A real smooth talker. Lovely, soft voice with accent. Claimed to have been raised in Romania but came back to the states in 1999. Claimed wife and son were killed (snatched from him) in a car accident. Once things turn serious in the emails, he begins to lift poetry from other internet sites. Says his favorite place is Maui. I would like to communicate with another woman who has been scammed by him.
2012-09-23, 00:13:01
anonymous from United States  
I was scammed by the same person but not the same name. The person who started this post was also scammed by the same story by this person. The wallet is lost First there is a problem with getting his machinery released from customs. Then needs money for bio clean up after work is completed. He needs money 3 times before he says he is returning Then he is coming back. The flight info is sent. He has his project manager call me to say union stopped him at the airport and took his passport. Needs to pay workers before leaving but can't access his money since he was paid via a transfer account. He says he can access his money only when he returns to U S. Now wants to pay for workers. Negotiates to pay half now and half later. Once half is paid then he says oops the union is demanding the other half of the wages and won't give passport back. The workers are paid. He accepts another assignment to avoid a possible oil spill. The ENI company he is working for says I can be given permission to withdraw money from his account. He sets up password and login with A fake Standard bank... Not their website. I try to withdraw my money lent to him but can't. I have no tax ID number. A hold on account is placed since money is being withdrawn without paying taxes. Now he must pay taxes before he can access his account. Needs money again. In the meantime I was sent a check made out to Revolution Engineering for 2400000 USD. This is his payment from Italian firm he worked for. I was asked to keep check safe. Sending to his apartment was risky. This check was a fake as well. In the end he stopped calling when I told him I had no money left to give. If you have questions then I would be happy to answer.
2012-09-23, 11:32:58
Hi - thanks for the update. I'd be curious to know the name he was using with you. I found another site where a woman posted she sent him $17,000 - same story. If you google mike carausu it will lead you to the site with her complaint as well as mine ( He had stopped opening my emails that I sent since I let him know I knew this was a scam. (I continued to send nasty emails). He finally opened them this morning. In one of the emails I told him I sent all information to the FBI including bank account number, email headers, and the two banks he requested I wire money to. (I sent once, but not the second time). The email I sent this morning bounced back. I now know he is in Nigeria - must not be using that email account now ( He was using the company name of Lazarca Engineering Co based in North Dakota. The listing for Lazarca & Revolution Engineering are the same except for the name of the company owner and address. Revolution is listed in Iowa. Looks like he used the name Michael Schwab and that is who is listed as the owner of Revolution. I am sorry you were also a victim of this sociopath. He's a smooth one. He even sent me a copy of a passport with picture of the above man and a promissory note to show he was an HONEST person. Passport was fake. I feel for the poor guy in the pictures. The pictures he sent me were the ones first posted in this thread. I wish you the best.
2012-09-24, 08:25:17
anonymous from United States  
Thank you. He used the name Michael schwab. His company was Revolution Engineering. His brother John lived in jis Iowa home with wife Linda. I too got a passport picture and Secret Service said it was a fake. He gave me an I O U... All useless. I will check this other website which I did not know about. Thank you. I am just happy I saw this website when I did. I really had no clue about such scams. Now I know better. This man has no conscience.
2012-09-24, 17:54:12
I found out from the other website today that they do no deal with on-line dating scams. Wish they had told me that BEFORE I posted. Yes, I heard about the Italian job as well - that is why he did not have extra money to play for all the crap in Liverpool. I never got as far with him as getting to the airport. He also sent me bank information for National Westminster Bank in London -gave me the link, account number and PIN. And what do you know, when I went to the site, I opened the account and there is a ledger there with his name and supposed address in NC where he told me he lived (which is where I live) and a balance of $750,000 British pounds (which is a little over a million US dollars). The site also had a bank address and phone number. I googled the bank and checked for a branch at that address and could not find one. So, I called the main number (not the number he had given me) and asked if they had a branch at that location. NO. I asked if they could tell me if the account number I had was legitimate. She very quickly told me the number was not long enough to be an account number. After going back to the bank link he sent me, I noticed several of the 'links' on the site did not work. Looked legitimate at first. My Michael said he was from North Dakota, had a brother living there as well. Was the Secret Service any help. I will post the passport I received on this website.

2012-09-25, 20:50:55
anonymous from United States  
That is the passport copy I also received. Secret service gave me the fact that my money went to Nigeria. I will not get it back. The case is open until they catch him. I am still working with them. is another site you can report this scam.

I reported Michael schwab to this office as well:

To Report a Crime as in the case of having been SCAMMED we can contact the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC in NIGERIA: 

Telephone: +234-9 6441000 
Today I found out that SF police reports cases to Washington DC Interpol. I don't have their fax or phone. I would like to contact them directly if I could since SF police is busy with cases they can prosecute.
I also learned today that Nigerian police is too corrupt and there is little hope for their help in this matter.
I may not get my money back but I am doing my best to
make sure all know about this scammer and others like him.

2012-09-29, 12:28:56
anonymous from United States  
Hi Ladies - he's back - now on OKCupid as ml5514. Not sure what name he is using, but the ml is consistent Michael Lazar which is the first and middle name he used with me. Not sure if he is using Carausu or Schwab or some other last name. It appears he had not been on OKCupid for about a month, but I've messaged him and I'll see if he responds. Says he is from Raleigh NC. He is using the picture noted on the 9-5-12 posting on this website.
2012-09-29, 19:45:42
Miss Marple from United States  
do not give out personal info about your self when dealing with scammers,,,could be probably abandoned account now..scammers changes names and emailaddresses often..


56 / M / Straight / Single
Raleigh, North Carolina

I am a caring man, hoping to find love, a love to last forever. And a women who's heart I can treasure, and adore, while my own heart is kept safe in the hands of an angel. I pray our lives are filled with passion, romance, and adventure, so we never grow weary, and always find love in each others eyes, and warmth in each others kiss. I hope to find someone who will share with me a life of found memories, and realized dreams. I am not looking for a quick quick relationship but rather a relationship that starts slowly and takes time to develop . I am pretty shy and quiet until i get to know you.

I like standing in the rain, and watch the drops fall from the sky. I like sleeping in on a lazy day, when theres nothing at all to do. I like Christmas morning, after it snowed the night before. I like the laughter of children, and seeing the smiles on their faces. I like working hard, so I can feel good about myself. I like helping others, so nature can feel good about me too. I like the warmth of the sun, and the shade of the clouds. I like the night sky, and getting lost in the stars. I want to meet a caring, loving person that wants to make a life together a great experience and enjoy what it has to offer. I have learned not to try to force things to happen, nuture a relationship, it will blossom like a rose in spring.

2012-10-03, 06:09:16
Has been reported to OK Cupid as a scammer by me
2012-10-20, 14:31:11
anonymous from United States  
I came across another scammer on OK Cupid.
His name was Andre and he was from Hawaii. Just moved from Hawaii to I assume San Leandro since his profile stated this location. He said he had two sons Dan & Rex.
His name on website was suprcandyandre 51 yrs old.

+1 (424) 645-7844 was his phone number. I had one chat. He invited me to chat with him. By the time I decided to write, his profile had been removed. When I asked him why he removed his profile he right away went into a story about his girlfriend had just stopped communicating because she thought he was a scammer. I asked him if they had met yet. He said no since he is on a business trip to Africa. He said that he asked her for some help and she stopped communicating.

I politely said Good bye. Since I was scammed by Michael Schwab, I feel very suspicious. Andre contacted me. I am thinking this may be his new persona. There was a pic of him getting of a pool and there was a pic of him with his two sons and a dog. The profile has been removed now. Please be aware.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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