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Dating scammer Michael Schwab


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Name: Michael Schwab


Don't know

Other Comments:
I met this person on okcupid. He went by the user name lovingyou1566 and then sincerheartluv. We communicated by email and phone calls for about two months. After the first two of communication, he said he had been awarded a project contract in Liverpool, England. After a couple of weeks in Liverpool, he started running into problems. First he lost his wallet and then he said that his equipment had arrived for his project, but he was unable to get his equipment out due to the fact that it went over what his contract budget would allow. He started asking me for money to help him with retrieving his equipment from customs. At first he wanted $30,000.00. I told him NO. Then as each week went by, he would ask for less. The final request was $3000.00. Needless to say, I did not give him any money, and he stopped emailing me. I was also contacted by another woman who had also been dealing with this Michael Schwab from a different dating site. He also tried to scam her for large amounts of money. He used a different photo than the one site that I met him on. i want you ladies to know that this guy is very good at what he does. I don't want to see a woman being taken advantage of by these online dating scammers. I also want to add that he copied all his love letters to me from Each email sent me was new and titled in the subject line. (The titles were the exact titles of the love letters he copied from Ladies, he goes by the name of Michael Schwab, he says he is originally from Iowa. He says he owns a Pipeline Engineering business called Revolution Engineering, Iowa. Please beware.

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2012-11-11, 21:42:21
anonymous from United States  
He is now going by the name Havel. Same mo but he says he is from Czech Republic. I met him on Christian Mingle. Com. He used the name 'ilovecalif'. When i got an email form him stating he lost his wallet, I went searching on the internet. He hasn't asked me for money yet.
2012-11-12, 10:20:49
Is it possible to see the pictures he is using or a link to his profile?
2012-11-15, 06:01:21
anonymous from United States  
Miss Marple. Can you help with the website link. That is the only way I can report him as a scammer.
2012-11-15, 20:51:16
anonymous from United States  
This same script was used on me. Pipeline engineer, wife 'snatched away' in car crash. Claimed to live in Dallas. Was mine4ever212 on Name Jacob William. Email
Phone number 214-613-8600. Company called Jacobeth Engineering in Omaha Nebraska. Went to SJ to present project. Had to travel to Liverpool for pipeline engineering contract. Lost wallet. Needs money for equipment out of customs. Needs money for biotechnologist for cleansing process. Sends fake check by email for $420,000 Euros to 'verify' he will pay back. Has fake bank web site with log in information to account that 'verifies' payment has been made to his transit account for the job. He can't 'access the funds' until the biotechnologist is paid and the workers are paid. Makes reservations to come to visit me. Receive phone call from 'Trade Union Workers' claiming Jacob is 'fleeing the country' because he is not paying the workers. He is 'detained' and his 'passport confiscated'. Needs money to pay the workeres. Always first wants a lot, and then as time goes on without getting anything, he reduces the amount he claims he needs.
The script used in these other comments was a word for word quote what this guy said. His favorite vacation destination was Maui.Wants money wired to about three different US accounts. I reported this to IC3. Where can I report these US accounts and the names used so they can be investigated?
This could be the same guy, or else another guy with the same script.
BTW, his IP traces to Lagos NIgeria. No surprise there. He also threatened to post nude pictures and the same threat made to others word for word including the misspellings in the threat.
Please advise on where else to report.
2012-11-15, 22:23:09
anonymous from United States  
Please read previous emails. Secret Service, FBI and local police fraud dept. The website where he is has to be notified and continually persued until the post is removed. I am so very sorry. I am astounded that our Secret Service and FBI can do nothing other than just follow our money. Once Nigeria is the destination then their hands are tied. Strange that our government is so helpless. So many women impacted. A retired FBI agent told me that this has been going on since the 70s as he remembers it. So powerful and so helpless. I am sad for all the women who have suffered this crime. When and who is going to go after these crooks?
2012-11-24, 14:08:54
anonymous from United States  
I wish I had seen all this earlier before I sent him a total of $9000 in 3 different transactions. So hear broked. Is there any thing that can be done to stop him or get any money back? To me he went by name jacob E william, can not believe I let mu guard down that much, but I found him on a webiste and emailed him first so thought things were okay, he did not email me first.
2012-11-24, 16:34:51
anonymous from United States  
I just sent a link of this website to secret service and I did get a response back. I was told this is happening all the time. I was told if more people filed a complaint with IC3 then enough cases will be documented which may warrant an investigation on a bigger scale. Until then this man will continue to do damage. It would help if everyone posted the pictures & phone numbers he is using and the names, websites and stories so he has to come up with new material. This should help slow him down. The more we expose him specially how he corners his victims the less power he will have. Anyone connected with media who would help get this story out would be really helpful.

This man has no conscience. Anyone who finds this website should consider themselves lucky. His potential to do harm is great.
2012-11-24, 18:27:48
I am so sorry to hear about your misfortune. I knew him as Michael Carausu and lost a total of $7000.00 in one transaction. My dealings with him were in July, Aug. and early Sept. He asked for money again, and I found this site. Needless to say, I was devastated. I filed a complaint with IC3 and put a lot of information on this website. I hope he rots in a foreign jail under deplorable conditions. Be safe.
2012-11-25, 20:16:18
anonymous from United States  
To Annonymous who posted on 11-24-12 who knew this guy as Jacob E William, that is the name he went by with me as well. I posted on 11-15-2012. He was mine4ever212 on He contacted me on Jan 1 2012. He emailed daily from Jan 1 until end of May. Then his script ran out and he disappeared. This guy is making a hell of a good living off of stealing from us. No wonder his favorite vacation destination is Maui. He can afford to go on multiple trips annually with all the money he gets from us. He gets a lot of his material from Check it out ladies, he lifts it verbatim. Check your email subject lines and then look at what he lifts from those sites.
He is very very smooth and makes few grammatical errors.
How did you find this scum?
2012-11-26, 18:37:29
I can't believe he could keep all the stories straight, but I guess when you have a script and you are sending out the same emails to multiple women it is easier. I must say he is really good since was using the name Michael Carausu with me from July to Sept. and never tripped up in any of his conversations or emails with the wrong name. The phone number he used with me was 408-912-8441. And what do you know? I just tried the number (blocked my number of course) and I got his voicemail. Not sure if he is still using that number to contact other women. Yes, and Maui was his favorite vacation place - scum bag! Even sent me lyrics from his 'favorite' Maui singer. What a piece of crap. Again, hope they catch him and he rots in a foreign jail under deplorable conditions. Not sure what pictures he is using - but I 'knew' him as the man at the beginning of this post.
2012-11-26, 20:25:01
anonymous from United States  
Yes this scum bag sent lyrics from his favorite Maui singer Kealii Reichel. Also sent lyrics from 'This Moment On', a duet by Bryan White and Shania Twain. Can we all just get justice now please? He even called me at 1 am Nigerian/Liverpool time to 'explain' why he didn't make it to the airport. The head trade union worker 'confiscated his passport for fleeing the country without paying the workers'. I told him I was so disappointed I thought I would cry. He said very 'heartfelt' that oh no I couldn't take it if you started to cry. I would just feel too bad. Really? No kidding?
Once he sent an email entitled 'A Little Tease for My Baby'. Don't know where he copy pasted that from, but it was a detailed intimate scenario. I took him to task for that and said I didn't appreciate that and never wanted him to send anything like that again. In the email he said he wanted to tell me thus garbage over the phone. Had he done that I would have immediately hung up on him and had nothing to do with him ever again! Can we catch this guy with the help of the Maui police on his next trio out there? Then we can make him rot in jail!
2012-11-26, 20:46:36
Miss Marple from United States  

I can't believe he could keep all the stories straight, but I guess when you have a script and you are sending out the same emails to multiple women it is easier.

Scammers operates out of gangs,it is not only one single individual who is doing these scams,scammers works in shifts and you have probably talked with 5 or 6 persons pretending to be the very same person.Scammers has so many profiles online in the same time and on the same dating site or social networksite they are operating from .Scammers copies and pastes poems and love letters online ,scammers sells and steels scripts from each other .Scammers has also software with a mass mailer that makes it possible to send out hundreds of mails in the same time.The only time they send out personal mails is when they are asking for money and when the victim is getting complicated and suspicious to the scammer ,they even call and chats with the victims to convince them with all kind of things so the victim open up the wallet .
2012-11-30, 20:28:27
anonymous from United States  
to anonymous who posted on 11-25-2012 I met this so call Jacob E William from he went by goodman55 on that site and I have a feeling he may have had other names he went by. I have returned to that site again but this time more cautious than before and really think he or others are still up to their old tricks from some of the emails I get from people, they seem and sound too much like he did. I just hope they can live with them self as I am sure they are with taking peoples money, one day will be their judgement day and they will have to answer for all they have done.
I do say I can only blame myself for wiring him money, although he ansswers for a lot of things there were still things he seemed to skip over and I should have known better. He was good though, he took his time and only was a friend for quite some times, before expressing he was getting feelings for me.
One advice I can give is if you don't meet someone face to face don't fall for them, I know sometimes it can happen but still try to meet them first, feelings can be there but not really until you have met them face to face,
Ladies be very careful, I know I will never give money to anyone else again.
2012-12-02, 07:32:09
anonymous from United States  
Please post the pictures be is using. Otherwise he will continue to use same pics. I agree with you. No one will ever send money to people we have not met I no longer respond to people not in my area since it would be hard to meet.
2012-12-16, 15:00:57
Russelyforlove on OK Cupid. He goes by the name of Russe Andre. A widower working for Shell Oil. Wants personal email. English not well written. I am already concerned.
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