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Dating scammer Natalia from Russia


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Does anyone have more details on this identity?


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2006-09-30, 11:29:03
anonymous from United States  

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2006-09-30, 11:30:05
anonymous from United States  
Hello my friend what your name
I am so happy to see that you have decided to reply to my short email.
I hope all is fine and you're not too much surprised to see my letter.
I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I have no secrets.
The thing is that I will work in your country for three months or so
and I would like to meet a nice man to fall in love or just be closest friends.
I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain from first time but
I want you to know my plans.I will work in some clinic as a dentist or as an assistant (for the first time)
the agency that i am going through will suggest me some locations. It will be my choice in the end as to what option to go for.
This way I will be able to earn some money and pay for all my expenses. I can choose any city or town.
The agency will just help me to get visa and all the documents required for travelling and will suggest some places
I can work in as I told you before.
My best friend last year met the man from
the USA when she worked
there for three months, too. She had two jobs. From morning till 4 pm she worked in amusement park and after
it she worked as a waitress in some bar till midnight. She was very tired of course but made very good money there.
It is special programm for young people who wants to work abroad and I think it is the right way for me ,
I am lost here,and I think that I am losing the best time in my life. I am wasting it. I am not saying that Russia is bad, I just think
that I will be better in a different country and It will be easier for me to get a better job in a different country,
it will be easier to find the right man for me, my love! I would like to work in the USA, Europe or some other good
country. I have many aims and I want to make my dreams a reality. I would like to share my life with a right person
with the same aims as mine which are the love and care for the right person.
I think that I don't have the looks of Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie but I really hope to meet my prince and I am
sure that he will not be dissapointed when we meet in real life. These are my plans for the future.
I think I am better to close this sort letter to you but I hope to receive an answer from you.
Ah, I forgot to tell you that I am leaving Russia in about 2 weeks (I can't tell you the exact information right
now) and I want to make sure that I found a man who waits for me there. I will be working the whole day and I want
to find a man who will be spending his and mine leasure/free time together, so we can know each other better this way.
If you're interested in meeting me then please email me back and let me know a little more about you and send me your
photo. I will write more info about me in my next letter. I am writing to you from my personal email box. Please write
me back here( I will be checking it frequently to see if you replied or not. I will be expecting your reply soon.

Kisses Natalia (this is my name by the way)
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Dating scammer Tatyana aka

2006-10-12, 11:38:51
anonymous from India  
2006-10-13, 12:51:59
anonymous from United States  
2006-10-13, 16:07:10
anonymous from United States  
This is MY Kristina! She just told me that she will be travel to the US in a few days. She suggested that she could stay in my place if we hit it off at the airport!! This is a pic of her and her 'parents.'

2006-10-14, 09:57:22
anonymous from United States  
2006-10-14, 09:58:12
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: blonde black boots leather chair
2006-10-14, 14:21:36
anonymous from New Zealand  
I have also received the same letters and photos of Antonina but the letters say she is from Norilsk in Siberia where she works as a dentist.
It is not hard to see how someone could be scammed by a pretty face but if you are looking for love on the internet learn to check on Email addresses for the background information
2006-10-17, 21:20:31
anonymous from Malaysia  
It is obvoius that this kind of e-mail is a scam. However I have tried playing along just to see how far it goes and where it lead to. Be careful guys.
2006-10-23, 20:02:55
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I received exactly the same but the girl called herself 'Antonina' and not 'Natalia'. Be very carefull guys, and don't get dwawn into her as I did, who is now £407/407 UKP worse off, and I can kiss that money goodbye to.

All was fine when she got this £407/407 UKP, but when she asked for more which I never had, that was the last I ever heard from her.

Don't be a fool like me just because I'm so gullable, sensative and so easerly taken as the truth. I just got drawn into all her patter and beleaved it all. What a sucker I have been. (It's to late now.)

The worst thing is though all, especially to all you guys who are very shy, sensative inside is. That when you get drawn into her sweet talk as I was. The mental pain and hopes you had of your future don't go away. I am still suffering the mental hurt she did to me know, even though I realsed I was sucked into a scam!

'If it sounds to good true to be true, it proberly is'.

If anyone asks for money of any ammount big or small, and you don't know who its really going to, then don't send it!!!!!!!!
2006-10-23, 23:59:23
Mrs. C from United States  
to Anonymous above
Please do not be so hard on yourself
what these girls do to you guys is just plane awful, taking your money is bad enough but the way thay take your trust is what is just unforgiveable, I was always beleaved that what go's around comes around, and I hope that some day these girls will get some of the pain thay deserve!
Please do not let the actions of a bad peson affect the way you feel about all us woman out there.
I hope with all hope that you will find that right woman for you.
thare are many woman who would love to have a sensative trusting man
2006-10-26, 13:08:30
anonymous from Canada  
to add to Mrs. c's comment above.....the problem is it always seems to happen to guys like us and if it happens enough ? then the guy becomes too jaded to find anyone then.....I understand what you are saying about, but it does reach a point some times when it becomes damaging. I know, I JUST got this about her too and this was yesterday only. I didn't send her any money, but it was close and I do know about the emtional damage it did though. I am from Canada and I think this chick needs to be stopped because I have seen other web sites with her name on it like this warning people now, she is making the rounds right now big time EVERYWHERE....and the damage it is causing is unbelievable, especailly to her victims......
2006-10-26, 19:03:14
Col from United Kingdom  
Thanks to the comments by Mrs C and that anonymous poster over my rough ordeal with this girl. (Whatever she caals herself.) I've got over the hert side she caused me now just, but there is still like a wee thing in the back of my head that says she will still come over yet, then I have to face the reality of things again.

As for your coments Mrs C over there are good honest women out there for me or anyone, I knows that. But this is the second time I've been hit and you can take only so muh before you have to say enough is enough, or you have doubts about every demale that you might come accoss if they seems so nice and you beleave you've found the right women to fill all your dreams in life. My first time: <A brief into it> I met up with a women from the USA who said her marrage was finished, we fell in love, she ws going to come over to me. I parted with over 800UKP to her; then her husband came onto the scene, warned me about stopping getting in touch with her or he would take the necessary procidings against me. I stopped emailing her, but with a white lie and theat to her from my side, I got my money back at least. Again the hurt took a long time to ware out my system. The inner damage these scams do to you is a pain that is with you for good, or can never be fully repaired from your inner self I've found! How many more victims will she hit, and how many other Russian scammers or scammers from all over the world out there are ready to hit. To many from what I've read. I'm not saying all women or all Russian women are bad, it just takes this small minoriy from anywhere to do the damage and put you away from an honest and trusting women looking for Mr right etc INHO

I did find an honest website that is run from Russia to stop these Russian scams taking place, and some usefull info on a possible scan to ask them.
1.) Ask them to send you a recent pic holding an up to date mewspaper or stand in front of an up to date callander.
2.) Ask them for a direct contact address and telephone number.
If they can give you this info, or to ant other questions that you may ask then the good chance is its not a scam and they are being truefull.
If they don't reply to these questions you ask, you can be sure its a scam.
I've had more letters from these gilrs that are ment to be comming over to see me. But when I ask them for these questions, I never here from them again.
Now I have found the right info to deal with these scams, I just ask them the questions above or questions wtc, and I never here from them again :) Without me getting them to send glamout pics etc so i might get drawn in again because of the type of person I am. have said erlier.

The website I found against these Russian scams is. which I hope might come in useful to all these Russian Scammers.

Thanks for your suport from Mrs C and the anonymous sender to there replies over my ordeal. Means a lot to know there are real friends on your side :) Col
2006-10-26, 22:29:07
Mrs. C from United States  
You know what realy sucks if you think about it..
on other pages('other scams' part of this site) you can read about trusting ladys being scammed by guys in nigeria,.. here on these pages we read about trusting guys being scammed.

I know this is not a dating site!
but it would be great if the trusting honest guys and the trusting honest ladys could meet.
2006-10-27, 08:19:39
anonymous from Canada  
yes it would be great....the thing is, where can a person actaully DO that ?
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