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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2013-07-19, 17:33:13   (updated: 2013-07-19, 17:33:38)
2013-07-19, 20:45:42   (updated: 2013-07-19, 20:47:23)
Glenn from United States  
This woman just sent me a request to chat online from yahoo.Com. I believe that I have seen her picture on the site and I would love to know if she is a scammer because she is very beautiful looking. Please respond if you have seen her anywhere else.
My email address is and I will not mind if you send me an email anytime to my email.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana

2013-07-19, 21:10:59
Glenn from United States  
Miss Marple, she has said that she works for Zales company. Now I have just been hit up by this woman who claims to be Asana Baka. Yes she is very beautiful and, is of course from Ghana. Please respond to me I have been working on looking at all the pictures I can on this site. It has many more woman than others, and I am also glad to be on it. I'm going to attached a full picture.
You can feel free to send me a e-mail to the following account and that goes for the other picture I sent.

2013-07-20, 09:06:26
Glenn from United States  
I forgot to give you my e-mail address or
2013-07-20, 10:46:51   (updated: 2013-07-20, 10:55:06)
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-07-19, 21:10:59
Glenn from United States
RE:Asana Baka
The name gives plenty of hits on fake FB accounts ( photos on pornstars used in scams)
The photo you posted here is photoshopped,the hair accessorie,the bracelet and some stuff on the t-shirt as well,what normal person sends photoshopped photos to people they want to have something serious with? NONE ! 100% Scammer ...

Do not post personal email addreses on this site ! You will be harvested by scammers and you will get flooded with spams into you accounts.
I do not reply on email addresses posted onto this site ,send me a message through your delphi account instead ...

2013-07-20, 10:54:30   (updated: 2013-07-20, 10:59:54)
Miss Marple from United States  
@Glenn ,check this out not the same girl as your posted one ,but the NAME is connected with scam ....

Title: Looking for just one serious relationship
Nickname: Asana Baka

My name is Asana Baka ,a simple,nice looking young lady, 33 years of age. I am a student and studying NURSING COURSEAT NURSING TRAINING COLLAGE in Ghana. I white cacausian am in Ghanaian because am mixe race my mum is a brazilian woman and my dad is a ghanian .I am single and honest, not rendy or materialistic, prudent, decent, warm hearted, Shy, tender and true to principle.On my lips is ever the law of kindness.I do not treat life as a romance but as a reality.
I am that type lady who is very uderstanding, beautiful, romantic, willing to sacrifice my time for my true partner. I am very minded and willing to give.My hobbies are reading, jokes, laughing, dancing, l istening to music, watching movies,chatting,travelling and sharing of ideas together, I love nature, music, and the adventure of life. I know love involves how to embrace the power of conviction, commitment and perseverance to succeed against all odds.
I am, very giving, considerate, romantic, loyal, honest and unselfish lover. I seek, and offer unconditional love without head games or other neurotic limitations. I am searching for a simple, cute, warm, respectful, concerned, giving, reliable, confidential, encouraging, wise, understanding and honest nice man to share my love with. Someone i can spend time with, someone in whom i can confide,who is like minded and agrees with my thoughts. Someone who can prove to be totally reliable,who will encourage me when i am down, and is willing to tell me when i am wrong. Someone i can always get wonderful advice from. Someone who will just listen to me and knows me so well that she knows what i will say even before i say it.Someone who can just look at me and know what i am thinking or looking forword to here from you soon..
Truly Asana
Photos on Zoey ATK Exotics used in scams:

2013-07-20, 11:43:15
Glenn from United States  
Miss Marple, Thank you very much for this little piece of information.. I am going to see just how much she wants and, when she starts asking for money it will be over. I am going to see if she has a web Cam and, see if she is ready to let me see her. That way I might be able to put the face with the woman. Have you had any luck with the other woman going by the name of Janet Watson and her picture. Remember that you can always e-mail me too at
Many thanks,
2013-07-21, 04:49:13
Glenn from United States  
I really can't believe my luck, here is another woman hitting me up on yahoo messenger. I really think that yahoo messenger, is becoming a hit spot for scammers. She has sent me a request for friendship and wants to become friends and, wants to learn everything about me. I thought, that yahoo screened there web site for scammers. Well once again I am going to play along with her and see just how far it goes before she asked for money and drop her like a fly. So, any bit of help would be nice. Let me know if you have seen her on other dating sites or if you know her.
Many thanks.

2013-07-21, 09:55:42   (updated: 2013-07-21, 09:57:59)
~Bax! from United States  
Hi Glenn,

I'm Bax, I've been observing your reports as Miss. Marple has assisted you.
First of all, I'd like to say thanks for your polite relpy to her in the beginning.

The scammers do love to use messenger! It is at the central hub of internet anonymity.
I reserve one account for dating contacts. Believe it or not, it has 641 unanswered
messages from various dating sites and I know that they are all scammers! Many of these
messages are from site updates and say; You have 20 new contacts who are near you!

Last week I opened an AdultFriendFinder acct. and it has already filled a page.
I'll try and see what this pic turns-up. From the looks of it, it's from the Boris crowd,
Which I know little of. I monitor the Mugu crowd, yahooboys, sakawaboys...
those found in West Africa. They do the IM send money scams.

This link shows much more about them. You can click each pic. for a description.

2013-07-21, 10:11:12
anonymous from United States  

2013-07-21, 13:01:47
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:Glenn,2013-07-21, 04:49:13

The girl you posted with the white/cream colored dress is a russian scammer(Yoshkar-Ola The Russian scam city) ,reported as Masama but goes under other alias too.,she is also reported on this site too a year ago,please post email address and full name on this scammer .Russian scammers are little bit different than Africans in behaviors as the normal for money asking lays on 12 -17 Mails before asking for money .If it scammers from Ukraine they ask very fast as they are usually translation scammers .


2013-07-21, 13:12:13
Miss Marple from United States  
2013-07-21, 10:11:12 United States (Posted Russian passport)

You are most certainly dealing with a Russian scammer as the passport is fake ,please post full name ,email address and a another photo as it is easier to do researches with .Please read also the article in the link below ,the thread on this site with information on Russian scams and how to recognize that you are dealing with a scammer.You can continue your postings in that thread as this thread is for West-African scams .Please post also where you met this lady and if she has asked for money.Remember asking money from strangers is always a scam.A genuine real Russian woman do not ask for money!

All kind regards //Miss Marple//

2013-07-21, 23:08:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well im sure we have all come across this Ghana girl I have 2nd time now 22/02/13. Been by the name Holly Honest and another one can't remember but her pic is all over the site at moment she has the name Rita Love., she's out loose again

2013-07-22, 03:58:13
anonymous from United States  
Also known as Jamilatu Zarkri from Accra Ghana
2013-07-22, 04:31:20
Holly Honest ain't so honest ! Pic belongs to Blueyed Cass - Blueyed Cass porn starlet naked office at
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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