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Dating scammer Alisa Tymopheewa


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Name: Alisa Tymopheewa


153510, Russia, Ivanovo area, Kokhma, Komsomolskaya street 5-9
To: Tymopheewa Alisa

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2007-03-14, 11:28:03
anonymous from United States  
My scammer asked for money to be sent to Anna Ivaniuc. What a coincidence!
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2007-03-14, 12:08:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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Dating scammer Julia Aminova from Russia

Keywords: b/w thong white top on floor
2007-03-14, 12:08:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2007-03-14, 12:08:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: blonde balcony legs black chair
2007-03-14, 12:08:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

Keywords: blonde blue jeans brown jacket hedge bush purse lawn
2007-03-14, 12:08:18   (updated: 2007-03-14, 12:23:53)
[hidden] from United States  
Hello my love *****!

I'm in Moscow right now at the airport! I have come here today and I am writing this email from the internet cafe here.
I have arrived to Moscow with Anna and my mom and at once from bus station have gone to the airport! At the airport We have found out
that the Russian government makes the new rules and laws for people who want to leave the country. I have the
trouble! I have paid money for my ticket to you but it was insufficiently! I was confused! I have gone to a
department of registration of tickets and the control of luggage. But I was in shock when was informed that airline
have entered a new rules for Russian people - insurance payment! If I am the citizen of Russia, I should pay the
insurance, and only in this case I can sit in the plane! The given sum will come back in case of safe arrival of the
plane up to destination. I was in trance from such news! When I've bought the ticket, I have not been informed. I
have gone to a department of information. I have told them that it is illegally because I have not been informed
before! They informed that airline have entered this rule recently, because the terror acts sometimes happen and an
epidemic of pneumonia has approached to the borders of Russia still. I have answered them that I am completely
healthy and I have all documents and I am not afraid! Your country is a free and can protect the citizens and
visitors of the country! I have the certificate of passage of a medical inspection! I have cried and shouted! They have
answered that these laws are thought out not by them and if I have complaint, I should address to top management.
They have told that rules are so and they cannot help me. I should pay 500 American dollars for insurance. The given
sum will be returned to me by representative of Russian airlines at the destination airport. Please, as soon as possible
send money to Anna's name via western union. It's located not far away from here and We can go there and get your
transfer easily. You receive this money back after my arrival to you if the plane will not
fall. But I think that it will not take place. You can use again system of western union because in immediate
proximity from the airport there is a bank which uses this system of a remittance and Anna can receive your money. I
write to you now and my nerves on a limit! Tomorrow I will take advantage of services of Internet cafe again to
receive your email. I so am frightened! I cannot be in Moscow long time because I have no money for a meal and
for a night lodging. It's evening now. Tomorrow I must pay the insurance. Otherwise they will return to me money
for my ticket and I cannot arrive to you. I will be compelled to come back to Kokhma. I think you are annoyed and
think that I deceive you, but it is not so! I do not know how to prove it to you, but it is the truth! I regret about
event but I haven't anybody to ask for help, again I ask your help! There is tears on my eyes. But I am sure that soon
we will be together! It is terrible but I try to keep calmness. Right now I must pay 500 dollars for the flight
insurance. There are many new rules and checks of safety, because of terrorists acts and other things. I'm worry, write
to me, what occurs in reality? There is a big queue and excitements on flights to you! And the insurance is the
obligatory for everyone. Without the insurance I will not be admitted aboard the plane! But don't worry please,
because this money will be returned when I arrive to your country! My love ***** as soon as possible send me 500
dollars for the insurance the same way and I could get it here in Moscow! Do not forget to write me Money Transfer
Control Number! I will wait for your love! We will meet soon! I will be in a green dress. What is the weather there?
I think you will recognize me quickly in a crowd!

With love your Alisa.

P.S. Here is address of Moscow western union offices:


2007-03-14, 12:25:27
anonymous from United States  
Hi my sweet *****!

It is an evening here and I feel very tired. But when I begin to think about you my tiredness is
going away! Yes, before I'll get time for my vacation I have to end all my affairs. So I have to
hurry! My boss is not very glad to let me go right now because no one can substitute me fully.
I went to my mom this evening and we discussed all things about my travel plans. She told me to
be very careful with my stuff and money because there are so many cruel man over here. What
about your country? Do you have alike situation there? Can you tell me what kind of clothing I
have to wear in travel? What is the temperature there? Do you wish to see me in a dress or in the
jeans? I'm very curious! I'm always thinking about our first meeting... what it will look like?! I
hope it will be great! Don't you think the same?! I dream that we'll embrace and give a long
passionate kiss to each other! My girlfriends envy me a little. Do you know why? Because I've
found the most admirable man all over the world! Yes he is you *****! I am so happy, you
can't imagine! I love you ***** more than life if it is possible! I can't understand how I lived
without you all these years! I'm sure that my feelings were not so strong as right now! I swear to
you! Please tell what are your thoughts *****.

Well I have to finish for now - I have to go.

With much love yours Alisa!

P.S. Here a picture for you *****! Mua!

2007-03-14, 12:26:27
anonymous from United States  
Hi my beloved *****!

Today the temperature is quite cool with snow and I walked slowly. I walked and thought about
all the events that take place in our world. I always think that everyone on our planet wants to
live happy - to go to the job, to come back home to their family, to play with kids and many
other good things. But if it is so I can't understand from where all the terrorists and crime are
coming? Indeed people can't live in peace?! During the whole history of our world people kill
other people. Who is right? May be somebody is right and somebody is wrong in quarrel?
The most interesting thing in this question that always the enemies or belligerents are sure that
exactly they are right! How do you think *****? There are so many wonderful things in our
life! We just have to learn to see all these things! We have to get free from all bad thoughts that
we have. As for me I don't like greed, envy, a lie and a fear. I do think that these thoughts are
the root of every evil! Do you think as I am *****? Everybody of us can say that his family
and friends are good men but if it is so from where evil men are? I dream that someday mankind
will live in the harmony with the nature and each other! I think that is possible and we must
begin from ourselves! I do believe that the humanity is not hopelessly! Do you agree with me
*****? Hope you do. But for now I don't see how we can do that. The only thing that is
warming me is you *****! You are like a sun for me in this world! And I can't imagine what
will be with me if I'll loose you someday. I want to feel your kisses, your embrace! I love you
very much ***** and always will! Well I have to finish for now.
I got you phone number. I hope that I could find you in airport. Anyway I could call you.
*****, don't forget that you have a woman that loves you!

With much love Alisa!

Keywords: blonde
2007-03-14, 12:28:08
anonymous from United States  
Hello my dearest man of the world, *****!

How do you feel in this day? Do you have any news?

I feel bad because I am still alone. I want to be with you, ***** very much. I need to
feel you care. I need to feel hold of you arms. I want to cuddle you. I hope that all things
will be good and we really could meet soon. Do you feel such things? When I think about
you, *****, my heart pulse more fast. I like to dream about our meet. I believe that you
are my destiny. I thank God that I found you, *****. Please tell me that you are not dream!
I think that I most happy woman in this world. It's so good that I have man, who love me and
who could care about me. I know that you never make any bad thing for me. Thank you,
***** that you are in my life! Thank you very much! May be I seem crazy to you. It's
just that I fell to you, *****. Oh, I can't wait the day of our meet!
How do you think, could we be the most happy people on the world?
I think we could.

I will miss you warm letter and I will miss you, *****!

With love
Your Alisa.

2007-05-05, 08:08:01
anonymous from Norway  
This woman also goes under the name Svetlana Savinih (Sveta Savinih) or Svetlana Popova.

She's registered on this site:

And here:

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alisa Tymopheewa

Keywords: blonde blue jeans hot pants black top stuffed animal purse
2007-05-05, 08:09:50
anonymous from Norway  

2007-05-05, 08:11:20
anonymous from Norway  

2007-05-05, 09:52:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Svetlana Savinih


She gave me this adress, I don't know if it's real or not: Svetlana Savinih, Russia, city Kirov. street maryina 8a.

Other Comments:
Her photos has also been posted on this topic, but there her name is Alisa Thymopheewa.

She also seem to be working with (or are the same person as) Anna Ivaniuk. http://www.delphifa..#comments

I found her pictures here and realized she was a scam. She told me to send money to this name, Svetlana Savinih, so I guess miss Savinih is an acomplished.

She's registered on this dating site:

And here:

She told she worked as a vet. She seems to a very outgoing and good person, but she's just a professional scammer. In the last mail I got from her, her name was suddenly changed to Sveta Popova in stead of Savinih.

Additional email:
2007-05-05, 09:52:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  
Svetlana Savinih
She gave me this adress, I don't know if it's real or not: Svetlana Savinih, Russia, city Kirov. street maryina 8a.

2007-05-05, 09:52:10   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  
Svetlana Savinih
She gave me this adress, I don't know if it's real or not: Svetlana Savinih, Russia, city Kirov. street maryina 8a.

Keywords: blonde
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