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Dating scammer Anna Ivaniuk


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Name: Anna Ivaniuk


Ufa, Russia

Other Comments:
This lady contacted me on the VeggieConnection site, giving me her e-mail address. The (now i realize typical) story she gave was of having an economics degree but working as a children's nurse, no computer or phone at home so she e-mailed me from, of course, the internet cafe. Originally I was to go to Russia to meet her but suddenly she was desperate to meet me, but guess what, could not afford the travel costs. I offered to help (but was now sussing the con and didn't part with any money) and she asked me for around $1300. I then found this site and realize what's been happening. Sad thing is her letters really had me convinced, and i foolishly thought i was safe(r) in a Veggie dating site. I lost no money to her but feel very hurt as I am sure you all do. I so wanted her to be real, and told my work colleagues I had met someone special...I am dreading monday!!!

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2007-03-17, 21:47:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2007-03-17, 21:47:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2007-03-17, 21:47:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2007-03-17, 21:47:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

Keywords: blonde blue jeans white blouse jacket wall
2007-03-17, 21:47:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2007-03-17, 21:47:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

Keywords: blonde blue short jeans park
2007-03-19, 09:17:57
anonymous from Guadeloupe  
after to have pb with anna efimova, i send her monney to come to guadeloupe, she deseapered, and a new anna appeares...from orel, new pictures, no, phone, no msn, nothing...and the same thing of anna efimova...she has not enough money...i have to pay, passeport, visa, money to travel,...and more....
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Dating scammer Anna Ivaniuk

Keywords: two girls in snow
2007-03-19, 09:19:11
anonymous from Guadeloupe  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Ivaniuk

Keywords: two girls in snow
2007-03-19, 11:22:29
anonymous from United States  
Another scammer (Alisa Tymopheewa) asked me to send money, and to send it to Anna Ivaniuc.

Hello my love *****!

How are you today? What are the news there?

I have important news for us both which you want to know I suppose (smile)! Today I have
visited the tourist company which is preparing my papers to meet you. I have asked them about it
and they have told me that everything is done and I could get my papers in several days! Imagine
it? I could not believe at once in this!!! Great news! I have thanked them but they have been
curious about where exactly I want to travel. I have thought that it is not a big deal to tell them
and tell that I want to travel to Seattle, WA (SEA). I have asked them to check
the ticket prices on the flight on the 16th of March. They did and told me that the minimum price
on these flights in Economy class is 1074 american dollars! It is very high! I thought that it
would be less expensive and have told them it! They have agreed that it is so and want to help
me. They have searched for some time and told me that they have an occasion for me. They have
had a tourist a couple of days ago who wanted to fly to the same airport as I want but he refused
the flight some time after they had reserved it. So they have the reserved ticket to the needed
airport without the tourist himself. They have made a proposition to me - if I take this ticket they
will make discount from its former price. If I take it the price will
be 960 american dollars! It
includes the way on bus to Moscow also. I have thought for some minutes and have made a deal
with them. The company is well known in our town and work about 10 years. So I think that they
will not mislead me.
This is the flight information on which I reserved the ticket:
12:55 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Seattle (SEA) 9:35 pm Fri 16-Mar
Duration: 19hr 40mn
Delta Delta 31
American Airlines American Airlines 269
Connect in New York (JFK)
I have gone to the pawn shop to get money from my family relic - grand mom's
brooch with emerald. I have heard many times during my life that it is very old and valuable
jewelry. So I thought that they gave me for it about 1000 american dollars. And it would be over
than enough for me to pay for my ticket! But unfortunately the owner of pawn shop have given
me just 390 american dollars for the brooch!!! I have been shocked and have told him that it
could not be so - it is much more valuable jewelry! But didn't wan to hear it and have told
me - so or nothing! I want to meet you ***** so much that I have agreed with him and took
the money. I have returned back to the tourist company and pay this money for my ticket but I
need to get more 570 American dollars to get my ticket. I have everything in right
condition - all needed papers but I need this ticket to come to you *****! I need this amount
of money to pay till the 14 of March. I've asked my friends about helping me and they said
that have not it at the present moment. I have asked my parents to help me but have no such
amount of money. They live from the paycheck till the next one. My mom have told me about
the grand mom's brooch but I have told her that I have used it already! So I don't know what to
do!!! I want to meet you very much and it would be very bad for me and may be for both of us
I suppose to loose this possibility to meat each other in real life! I need to ask you ***** if
you could help me in this situation? Tell me *****, can you help me? If you have
an opportunity to do so please help me. I need 570 American dollars now. I wonder if it is
possible to do. It would be great to meet, how do you think? I've found out that you can send
the money through the company which could transfer the money. I've asked about it my friend
Anna. She works in a local bank. She told me that it the most simple way to get money transfer
from another country is international company named Western Union. I've taken an address book
and found the address of it. It's located in Ivanovo. Not far from my city. I've gone to my friend's
work and I've asked her about this service. She said that a sender must go to the Western Union
branch and give them following information: THE NAME AND LAST NAME OF A
I will get money transfer to my name, I will have to pay 20 tax because of my private medicine
practic and this tax is the Russian rule for individual businessmen. It will be a big sum of money.
I don't want to loose it. Anna said that she doesn't have to pay this tax because she works in the
national bank. I am very glad that Anna wants to help me. So I give you her name that you could
use to send me your help without any crazy tax. And please don't worry about Anna. She is a
very good girl. I know her about 12 years and I trust her absolutely.
You can send me money using western union according following data:

IVANOVO , 153000

This is Anna's full name: IVANIUC ANNA

CONFIRMATION NUMBER (Money Transfer Control Number) which will be given to you
*****! Please don't forget to send this information to me, ok? Then I will go to bank with
Anna and could get your help. I think about a meaning of money, and I'm very sad if these
papers can prevent people to meet each other. In most cases the money play a main role in the
life but it's not right! I'm sure. And the quantity of money was, is and will not important to me. I
have never aspired to the material enrichment and don't search specially for a rich man! I
appreciate human qualities and relations *****!!! I will wait for good news from you, I hope
everything will be all right and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting,
and I think it's very real now, we must use this chance!

With love your Alisa

P.S. I have almost forgotten that in the tourist company I have scanned my passport to send to
You *****.
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2007-03-20, 05:02:53
anonymous from Guadeloupe  
j vous envoie des photos de cette femme, anna ivaniuk, alias anna efimova....qui se servent des sites de rencontres pour spolier des honnetes personnes,je rehcerches toutes sortes d'informations pour tenter de stopper ça....merci de les moi dès que j'en ai, je le mettrai sur ce site

2007-03-20, 05:29:56
anonymous from Guadeloupe  
nouvelle photo d'anna ivaniuk,...bizarre,..on dirait les mêmes placards que sur une photo+ haut

2007-03-20, 10:18:38
anonymous from United Kingdom  
It seems that Anna Ivaniuk is using pictures of different girls, the one I have been contacting now says she used that name because she thought I might be a scammer trying to lure her into a life of vice, now she tells me her real name is Anna Gavrilova, she's telling me this because she says she can trust me now! I have told her she will never get a penny from me but the e-mails keep coming...wierd!! Or just persistent?

Keywords: bench snow night
2007-03-20, 10:33:48
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Sorry I wrote down her e-mail wrong, it's
2007-03-27, 12:55:02   (updated: 2007-03-27, 12:59:43)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
There has been a mistake and I feel responsible, I never meant this to happen. The woman whose pictures you see here is not a scammer or a criminal but a true noble kind sweet woman whose love I have lost because I was stupid and undeserving. To set the record straight, Anna Gavrilova is the kindest, sweetest and most beautiful woman who ever walked upon the face of this Earth and I will never recover from losing her. I am just a wretch who doubted I could be loved by such an angel and now I have betrayed her. Anna, I, Jonathan love you and always will, please be happy my darling and please believe that I do love you with all my heart. Perhaps one day I will forget how it felt to love you, or perhaps I will just die trying.

This is a picture of the fool who lost the only true love of his life and who deserves all the pain that he will know in the days ahead:

Keywords: big idiot
2007-04-10, 05:51:04
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This woman is a scammer, I now know for certain, and she does not write to me now i have told her I realize she gave me a false address.
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