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Dating scammer Anastasiya Nastya (also used Nastya Olina)


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Name: Anastasiya Nastya (also used Nastya Olina)


Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

Other Comments:
Name: Anastasiya Nastya (also used Nastya Olina)
Date of Birth: January 13, 1980
Address: Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

Also known as (1) 'Olga J' with this email: and (2) Elena Matveeva.

I have deleted her emails. Sorry, I did not know anything about IP back then.


Hello XXXXXX . I am glad to receive your letter again. Thanks you that you have answered me. I also think that you good the man. I have understood all, that you have written to me. It is interesting to me to learn you better. I want to ask how are you? You have good mood? I think what yes. At me all is excellent also i have good mood. And in this letter i want to tell a little more on myself. First of all, i want to tell about my parents and friends. My mum call Svetlana. To it of 56 years. And i love her very much. She frequently gives me various advice. And i try to listen to its words. My mum works at musical school. She trains children in art. And she likes it. I am very glad for my mum. And i appreciate her. My mum has learned me to much. And i estimate its care. Due to my mum i began to understand better a life. She has made me the romantic person. My mum has learned me to prepare for a tasty meal. I want to tell to you, that i very much like to prepare for a meal. My most favourite dish a mashed potatoes with a meat garnish. And what i peep you like? Now i want to tell to you about the to the father. His name is Oleg. And to it of 57 years. I very much love the the father. It is the militarian. His status the colonel. I very much am proud of the father. It the best the father. And i frequently ask him different advice. It always cares of me. I very much appreciate his care. It always puts me on a true way to lives. Also does of me the person.

At mine the father kind soul. And i love it for it. I want to tell to you, that i the unique daughter at my parents. I have no neither brothers, nor sisters. My parents very much care of me. And i love them for it. They live happily. I visit their three once a week. Because i should care of them. I think what enough to speak about my parents. In the following letter i want, that you have told to me about the parents? You understand my question? Now i want to tell about the work. I think, that it will be interesting to you. I work at restaurant. The name of this restaurant 'Onar'. I work there as the secretary. And i like my work. It is interesting to me and not difficult. I very much appreciate the work. Because it gives me some income. And i can provide myself.

I want you to ask, and where you work? It is interesting to me very
much. I want you to ask, you understand my letters? It is important for knowing to me. I know English. I studied the English language at university. I learned it during 6 years. And i have learned to speak and write well enough. But sometimes i have difficulties. In this case to me the translator is necessary to use. I very much hope, that you understand my letters. It so? Probably, we shall study in much each other. I would like to learn you better. Because it is interesting to me. I want you to ask, what you do in the free time? How you will spend rest? I want to tell to you, that i spend the free time with friends. At me it is a lot of girlfriends. And we like, to gather, to descend somewhere. We talk about a life. Also we share different secrets. I am glad, that at me it is a lot of friends. We like, to go to theatres and a museum.

As we like, to go to cinema and various cafes. We always carry out perfectly a free time. I think, that it was interesting to you to learn more about me. It so? I think what yes. On it i want to close this letter. I shall wait for your following letter. And i hope, that you will answer all my questions. With good wishes, Nastya.


NOTA: She changed her name from Anastasiya Nastya to “Nastya Olina” but maintained the same email:


My dear it is my new email the address. With mine yahoo ID there was something strange. My password any more does not approach. Probably someone has broken open mine yahoo a box. You understand me? I think what yes. My dear, if to you will write with email a box, inform me about it. It is good. Because i do not know, that happened with mine email a box. My dear I shall wait for your prompt reply. With the warmest and gentle wishes.

Yours forever Nastya.


Hello XXXXXX. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. And I think, that it will be interesting to us to learn each other. We have various nationalities. And it will be interesting to me to learn your culture and your interests. Now i want to tell a little about myself. I think, that it will be interesting to you. My name Anastasiya. On a nationality i Russian. To me now 27 years. I was born in Russia in city Yoshkar-Ola. My birthday on January, 13. Now i live in city Yoshkar-Ola. I want you to ask, you know my city? Now i want to tell a little more on myself. On character i very much the gentle person. And my weak place that i very trustful girl. I have good nerves.

And my sense of humour excellent. On the nature i very romantic person. And it pleases me. I like to read books. My favourite books it is thrillers. Because they grasp my soul. I want you to ask, and you like to read books? I very much like to look romantic films about love. It is very interesting to me. What your favourite films? You love what music? I like classical music. Because she calms me. I think, that it is interesting to you to learn me better. It so? I want to tell to you, that i live one in an own apartment. At me never was the husband. And i have no what children. But i very much would like to have children. Because children bring pleasure and happiness. You with me agree? I think what yes. I want to tell to you about my hobbies (hobby). I have some hobbies. I play in tennis. It is my favourite game. I play in this
game 2 years. And I like tennis. It helps me to strengthen my health. As i am engaged in aerobics. It gives me many forces and an excellent figure. Still I very much like to float, but not in the river. I go to pool. It strengthens my body. And i like it. I want you to ask, what hobby at you? What your favourite color? My favourite color pink. And I very much love flowers. My favourite flowers of a rose. They have an excellent smell. I a thought. That flowers do each woman happy. Men always should please the woman with colors. I want to tell to you what the man i search.

You likely think, why i have no husband? I very for a long time search serious for the man for creation of family. I think, that it is very difficult choice. To create family it means for me much. And i would like to create strong and strong family. While i still in search good men. I want to find the man which will be ideal for me. It should be clever and beautiful. His character should be soft and kind. I want, that it was careful and devoted. This the man should love me and always to be fair with me. His soul should be romantic. It always should look after me and protect me. His heart always should be with me. And his soul should belong only to me. Such i search for the man. I want you to ask, and what you search in the woman? What your interests?

As i want to know, why you search the woman from other country? I search for the man from other country because in Russia i could not find my ideal. And i have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country. I think, that it will be interesting to me to learn you as the person. I hope, that you understand my letters. It so? It is interesting to me to see your photos. It is very interesting to me to learn, where do you live? Probably, you can send me a photo of your city? I am very glad, that have got acquainted with you. And i think, that we shall seriously perceive our letters. Because i the serious girl. And it will be not interesting to me to communicate with you if you will
not answer my questions. I think, that you understand me. On it I want to close my letter. I shall wait for your answers and a photo. With good wishes, your friend from Russia, Nastya.


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2007-09-06, 12:37:37

This is what 'G.Anastasiya15@yahoo' wrote me in a letter at my answere that i want to pay the ticket for her by reservate by KLM (Durch-Airlines) I am releived that in the end i discoverd that she is fake... i dind't pay anything... So guys becarefull....

Hello, my dear Rob. I miss you. I am very glad that you have answered me, my favourite! I feel that you Rob draw me and much of you I think, I do not know that in you my darling me so strongly draws, but I feel that you became for me not the simple person and I see you hopes, I so am glad that we have found each other and you have changed my life and I am happy. For me the most important this understanding and dialogue, it for me means in dialogue much, and I consider attitudes that always should be under construction on trust of two people. It is very important to me to learn you mine Rob, that you consider for itself as the main thing in attitudes and that is for you the main thing in dialogue of two people, write to me the opinion, it is very important to me to learn you my darling Rob. Your words for me as if a medicine for my soul, I weigh day I think of you and I wait for the moment when I can read your lines. How are you doing? How your successes in work? I Hope all well and you succeed. With me all is good. Dear Rob, I went to Agency and have learned the information in occasion of payment. They have told, that accept payment only through Western Union. You heard about this systems, I have asked and whether it is possible to pay it by means of creditcard they have told, that it can be paid by means of creditcard. They have told, that it is necessary to send the capital on given the Agent who accepts payment and as soon as it receives your payment they at once start to legalize all my papers and also to reserve my flight. You can send it on the Agent. Answer my questions, it is very important for me. I hope for your understanding. Today at us it became absolutely warm and it is such wonderful weather, simply mood day rises also passes very well. Mine the worker time has ended recently, on work, was engaged in some cleaning and has made the order. Than you were engaged today? Yesterday in the late evening I sat at a window both admired stars and thought of you, about that that where that far is you my darling Rob, and you so did not suffice me beside, I would like that at me wings as at an angel have grown and I could fly up and fly to you through distances, it is all dreams, but it so that I can perfectly dream, in our life always there should be dreams and hope, that to us gives aspiration in a life to what that to the best and fine. I wish to tell to you that you my angel who does me happy, I hope that you as well as an angel me will preserve against all troubles and to care of me. I am now very strongly tired and consequently to finish the letter. Write to me the letter. I love and kiss you. Have good day. Yours, Anastasiya

2007-09-06, 15:20:58
anonymous from United States  
post more info please!
2007-10-06, 23:48:22
anonymous from United States  
Anastasiya showed up on Yahoo Personals - as of Sept 26, 07. She used the same picture as at the top of this page - 'brunette stairs black jacket short skirt'. She emailed me with the following message:

Hello xxxxxx! I was so happy to receive from you letter. I am glad,
that you were interested by me and have written to me e-mail. I for
the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. It was very
difficult to me to place my structure in a service of acquaintances,
because I am in Russia, the service of acquaintances does not accept
the members from this country. but fortunately my structure on a site
of acquaintances have approved and I so am glad that you very first
who has written to me and in me was interested, I hope further to
receive from you the letter. I had to specify in a structure, that I
am in USA. In this letter I shall inform you a little information
myself and if the dialogue with me will be interesting to you, I shall
tell about myself in more detail in the following letters. for the
beginning I want to you to inform that my name Anastasiya, my age 30
years. I the very romantic woman also try to do my life interesting. I
dream to meet in my life of the good man, which can understand me and
love. I send you a photo me and I ask, that you sent me some pictures
from your life. As it will be interesting to me to learn about your
life, family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your
letter. I once again inform you that that I am very glad that that you
to me to write and to enter with me into contact. We could meet, talk,
to spend some time together and it is quite good to find out each
other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But I hope, that it will
not be problem for us if we shall decide to make it in the future. I
already made some travel to other countries. I travelled, as the
tourist, to Europe (it is Turkey, Italy, Germany). Therefore you
should not have excitements of that is present distance between us.
thanking to the our letters we can learn each other better and
probably when not be I can with you will meet. Sincerely and yours
faithfully. Anastasiya.

P.S. You can to me write on mine E-mail: <>
2007-12-11, 01:48:24
anonymous from United States  

2008-05-17, 08:48:11   (updated: 2008-05-17, 08:50:41)
anonymous from United States  
Some similar wording in these profiles:

2008-07-16, 13:22:25
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Ha Ha ... she's back. Currently appearing on isingles:

Hello XXX. Good to hear from you! My name is Anastasiya but friends
and close people name me Nastya. I ` m 26 y.o. I live in Russia. I
shall be honest with you from the start. I ask to forgive me, that I
have confused you in the start of our acquaintance. It is very shame
to me. That web site could not registrate me on Russia. And I have
decided to not write it. I hope that you not against it. Russia is the
fine country and my city this good place for a residence. I live in
the city of Novocheboksarsk. It is not large city and it is very young
city. my city a little bit more than forty years. I finished one of
colleges in my city and now I work as the seller-consultant at the
shop of clothes. I like my work. My ambitions will be to meet right
man and to start family with him. I have many good girlfriends and my
parents, but I have no man of my heart. I did not think, that for me
will be so difficultly to meet him. But now I understand that to find
special man very difficultly. For me the most important in the man
good sense of humour and loyalty. I look for serious relations,
because I think, that at my age come time to think of the further life
not in loneliness and with partner. But I also open to meet new people
and friends. I have very fast style of life and I like keep fit. I
prefer health food. To tell you more about me..... I am very sociable,
friendly, funny, loyal and a romantic soul!!! I like to treat everyone
with respect and like to be treated the same way. I like to laugh a
lot!!! and try new things and experiences! I attached a photo together
with my message. I hope, you love it. To a regret I have no much time
to be in the I-net and I can write to you only once to day. Now I
should go. Your New Friend Nastya!

2009-04-16, 10:19:39
anonymous from Finland  
She's on Russianeuro as well


Hello my new friend :-)!! My name is Anastasiya, but my friends called
Nastya, I am 27 years old, my birthday May 17. My zodiac sign
Sagittarius. My growth 175 cm, weight 57 kg. I live in the country
Russia in the city of Kazan, is a very big city, but it is very
beautiful and this is my home town. The people in my town is 1 120
200. I am very romantic person, I like to prepare nice dinner with
candles, and I love romance. my favorite classes this summer, go
rollerblading, go to the beach sunbathing, make the evening stroll in
the park or places for recreation, especially in the summer I like to
ride a bicycle that I like since childhood. In winter especially, I go
to the pool or water park? I work as a manager for sales of clothing
and me, my work is like. I want to say to you that I did not when was
not married and I have no children And I had to join the site map to
find the only person with whom I can create your own family. By this I
am very seriously, I'm not looking for a man in Internet games and
entertainment. Mr. If you are a person who is looking for is only a
serious relationship then I will wait for a response from you. Also, I
THAT in itself NOT SURE. your new friend Nastya

2015-02-01, 15:33:48
Thanks for inodtrucing a little rationality into this debate.
2015-02-01, 19:45:57
anonymous from United States  
Introductions are out!

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