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Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)


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Name: Tatyana


Russia, Pavlovsk, Lomonosova st. 8, flat 21, post code(zip) -659001.

Other Comments:
This is pictures of Raven Riley.


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2010-03-13, 20:43:05
anonymous from Australia  
Hi,I'm also a victim of raven riley dating scam and thank you for this site as this enable to stop this scammer to do more worst upon me.Thanks for all this information as it help us a lot to find out those scammer in the the way while I'm sitting and chatting with this lady I'think she took the photos of me in the webcam,I'm not sure if she can use it for other purpose as well ..let me know what you can say about this..thanks a lot ..anonymous

2010-03-13, 21:47:55
OJAS from United States  
Oz mate, Identity Theft
2010-03-13, 22:03:51
e from United States  
Attention anyone who corresponded with 'visa-and-tickets' or translation agency scammers from Russia and Ukraine:

There will be a research study performed on the subject of those types of scams. The study will be performed by the University of Texas at Dallas, and it will be conducted between Match 15 and April 15 of this year.

We are looking for participants who have had experience with those types of scams and can give their perspective.

The main requirements:
-     You have been asked for money
-     The correspondence has ended
-     You are fluent in English
-     You were not “baiting” the scammer

If you are interested, here a link:

Contact information is provided on that page. Please pass this information on to all who corresponded with scammers from Russia / Ukraine within the last 5 years
2010-03-14, 08:45:38
anonymous from United States  
She almost got me as 'Erinn Daniels' from Denver, Colorado now working in Manchester, England as a model. This is a different picture I received from her than any that have been posted. Dammit.

2010-03-14, 08:46:58
anonymous from United States  
And this one

2010-03-15, 06:51:36
anonymous from Australia  
and this one
2010-03-15, 07:24:33
anonymous from Germany  

Guess the scammer using the pics of Raven has reached a new level of sophistication. 'Shelby Davies' contacted me on a dating website and soon sent some pics which I immediately identified as Raven's. As I was in for a funny game, I was asking her if we could chat via webcam. Sure to blow up her cover I was more than surprised when he/she/it agreed and I found myself chatting with a girl that actually looks like Raven. I have attached some pics from that chat as well as one she sent by email. Our conversation via IM meets all scamming criteria perfectly. Still, she is reacting to what I say, e.g. show me your puppy, stand up etc. I am just wondering how they do it, seems ot be a new level of scam sophistication. Guess soon she will ask for money. Until then i really wanna learn how they manage to set up this webcam chat that feels quite real. Any ideas?
2010-03-15, 07:26:37
anonymous from Germany  
Here are the pics from the IM session
2010-03-15, 10:31:10
OJAS from United States  
Hallo Germany,

Search at the top of this page for:
Raven Riley look alike http://www.delphifa..ook+alike
Webcam fake http://www.delphifa..bcam+fake

Bitte schreibe auch für die deutschsprachlichen Besucher hier → http://www.delphifa..=101#85610
2010-03-15, 18:17:35
JB_Ohio from Painesville, United States  

learn how to do an IP check on emails for your own protection
Go to

However, you can't always find out where they are at. Some scammers mask their IP address and when you do a seach it will show yahoo's or MSN's head quarters.

i use a program from
read notify is free for the 1st 25 messages and then $5 / month or $25 / year
I consider it cheap insurance

The read notify program tracks emails you send.
when they open the email you send, you get their IP and city they are in, shows you when they opened it. how long they read it for, and if they re-open your email and also if they forward your email to someone else and that persons IP and city when the other person opens the email.
2010-03-16, 20:10:21
venezolano from Venezuela  
Nice pictures of porn star Raven Riley. She is neither Russian nor African. She is hakf breed with Italian and latino. Don't let pictures fool yourself.
2010-03-17, 01:40:45   (updated: 2010-03-17, 01:48:37)
coltkitt from Foresthill, United States  
Thank`s JB, people can also use to check an IP, find out when, how many times a email was read, if forwarded , what language the recipients computer uses, etc. . It is 100% free. Good luck and think smart.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)

2010-03-20, 18:56:17
anonymous from United States  
i have been chating with a person calling herself salima sadik with many of the same pics and more of raven riley. she is good at what she does , also has so called uncle hafiz sadik , and a gran mom that she helps at market?when it come s time to see her on web cam it always freezes up>. she also likes to avoid answering questions but i know the cam shots are of raven riley.she gets mad when you ask here to do something special on cam to prove it is live and not a video, she did not wast any time talking about how she loved me and wanted to come here to be with me.of course she mailed me fake passport and visa with bad photo shop work same with a couple of pics that had a sighn saying i love you . yes this one is a scammer!! watch out for her oh by the way she contacted me ! from a site i was regestered on caught her in the first lie on 1st chat , she had on her profile she was from where i was but then got it out of her she was from ghanna!! big red flag!

2010-03-21, 02:09:01
wanwan from Japan  
@2010-03-17, 01:40:45 (updated: 2010-03-17, 01:48:37)
coltkitt from Foresthill, United States

2010-03-22, 04:19:30
anonymous from United States  
I was contacted about 3 weeks ago from someone calling themselves Mandy Morgan and the photos are of the same lookalike as Raven Riley. Thankfully i found this website , she got me for about $500.00 and probably would have gotten more.When i found out who she was i texted her and told her i had won $397.000 in the Florida lottery. Holy shit she burned up the air waves getting back to me. The reason i fell for it was i asked her to take pictures doing varies poses and she did it,after i said i won the lottery i asked for nude photos to take with me to pick up my money. About an hour later i got some really nice pics from inside het apt. and they look recent and legit.I don't know how she does it but she is very very good. I,m still in contact with her now but she won't get any more money. I confronted her after i got the pics and she said she had done some bad things in her life but was trying to turn her life around. Just looking at where she lives they must be pulling in some major bucks. Its too bad people do this kind of stuff, she really pulled at my heart strings for 3 weeks and its hard to let her go but i know its all bullshit. If they would channel this energy towards something productive they would be millionaires if they aren't already.Anyway i have some new photos of her but i don't think they can be posted like they are.You boys better watch this one she is very very good and is a real man killer. I wish i knew who she really was after i confronted her she said her real name was Amanda Petters.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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