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Dating scammer Ruth Krafona


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Name: Ruth Krafona


Pokuase Ghana Zip: 00233

Other Comments:
This girl has been playing me now for close to 2 months, now asking for money to bring her to Canada. Asked me to send money to Uncle Samuel Yankah by western union. This girl is so hot, and writes a great letter, its too bad she is a criminal. I am posting her pics.
Gentlemen Beware--she's a man eater. I googled uncle and got this site thank god!.


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2008-11-23, 23:08:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2008-11-23, 23:08:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2008-11-23, 23:08:16   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2009-08-29, 09:41:50
anonymous from United States  
This chick is a porn star. Her pictures are all over the net. She is from USA...I think Florida. She is not in Russia and her name is not Ruth. LOL
2010-04-03, 12:59:51
anonymous from Italy  
Infact....her name is COMFORT SERWAAH, ex Lia 19 pornstar, now 'active scammer from Accra' - Her actual address : Box MS 576 - Mile 9 - Accra - Last phone used : 00233- - She work with an accomplice (her possible uncle) - A real criminal to stop in every way - Take care guys, is real dangerous. I'm working for update in this site all her photos, names used, mail adrresses, phones and names of accomplices....
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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2012-01-22, 14:06:44   (updated: 2012-01-22, 14:13:33)
AKA Ruth Millar-listed address as 24th Kanda Highway, Accra Ghana 02233. Uses Phone #233-249-034410 when she calls me...Met her on dating site and she took me to Yahoo Chat, then to Gmail chat because she said friends were trying to hack her Yahoo acct. I found out recently by following a hunch and doing some digging that she is scamming me . The picture she says is of her is actually a picture of Lia 19, a model porn actress and website owner/as well as running a business and doing som recent mainstream acting. I don't know if Lia is connected to this scam, but I don't believe she is. The scammer has just loaded pictures of her from her website, and reposts them as Ruth Millar..This woman is very good at what she does and completely convincing and believable. I fell for her and her scam to the tune of almost $1000 before I was aware that she was an imposter. She has also used the aliases Ruth Krafona, Gifty, and others with other victims. Her name is actually reported to be Comfort Serwaah from Accra, Ghana. We became close and she said she needed money for her documents, so she could be with me. She told me her uncle, Tijani Manaf, was going to purchase her plane ticket for her to come and be with me. In the following couple of months, she asked that I send money to help the family pay bills and buy food, as nobody was working, and her 'mum' could not make it on her small Gov't check. I complied several times . Then when I sent the last money(by Western Union every time either in alleged sister Gifty's name, or In Tijani's name), she said she was to leave Accra to be with me this coming Monday. Then on Friday she called, sounding very upset and said that her uncle was $500 short and could I send her $500. I said nobut she kept pleading until I finally convinced her that I didn't have $500 to send her. She said she would call her 'sister' and ask her, and I said we would pay her sister back after she got here. She called me back later and said 'sister could only come up with$400 Dollars and if she wanted to be with me, and that I NEEDED to send $100 dollars as fast as I could...Her family story was identical to the one that she told a previous victim using a different name but pictures of the same woman(Lia) that she told me was her(Ruth Millar). She is clever, but with some help from my wife who I am seperated from we started piceing together this scam.My wife found this site and got a hit on Tijani Manaf..which linked to a Ruth (another different last name . she bacame alarmed at the coincinence and called to tell me. Well I did some more digging and serched the name Ruth here...Among other women's pictures that came, there was my Ruthie's picture, only it was listed as Ruth Krafona. Another inormant on her supplied the Comfort Serwaah name and Lia 19 as the actual person in the picture. I went to a serch site and serched Lia 19 and bam...there they were Literally hundreds of pictures of the girl I thought was Ruth Millar, along with nude, lesbian, and porn videos and pictures of her. So now I am string her along, thinking I am still going to send her the $100 while I file this complaint...I know that I will never get back my money, but maybe somebody will see this, recognise Lia's picture being represented as someone else and save them the expense in money as well as emotional loss as I was really crazy about 'Ruth'. This woman needs to be exposed, even if she can't be brought to justice for the crimes she has committed against many innocent victims. Here are some pictures she sent me and some I got from Lia 19's site to prove she was sending me pictures claiming them to be of her.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ruth Millar

2012-01-23, 15:45:06
OJAS from United States  
Thread starter girl is Lia Leah. Ask the Admin to merge this thread with her other thread http://www.delphifa..p=3#158798
2012-08-05, 17:14:36
anonymous from United States  
I was being scammed by someone named 'Brittney Sinton.' SHe also used Lia 19's pictures as her own.
2012-10-30, 04:37:18
anonymous from United Kingdom  
please can you tell me about , a woman by the name of joy wiliam posting herself out as lia 19 , went with boyfriend to nigeria to work on buying gold , he dieed , she is stranded there , swears she was working the porn business as lia 19 . e mail addresws , she is at present in lagos . .
be grateful if you have anything on this person .
many thanks , martin johnson
2012-10-30, 19:40:11
2012-10-30, 04:37:18 anonymous from United Kingdom - please can you tell me about , a woman by the name of joy wiliam posting herself out as lia 19 >>

What every scammer counts on is for his prospective mark to want to believe so badly that he or she won't see or hear what is presented. The imagination works wonders ! The chances of the real 'Lia 19' being in Nigeria are 'slim and none' and slim just left town ! Link up with her twitter account below and ask her ...

Vivid Lia 19 (netlia) on Twitter
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2013-01-04, 08:59:14
anonymous from United States  
I have been talking to Brittney Sinton for six months. I am a woman and we became friends with erotic emails. She never asked for money. She lived in Denver but had to move to NY because her father died and her mom was ill and had to take care of her with her sister 'Jade'. I have so many pics. Recently told her I couldn't talk to her anymore because I am married and needed some time away to think, then she came clean and said none of that stuff happened, she was really a hispanic girl and had a boyfriend and lived in Texas. Now she says she loves me and all this crap. My sister checked her IP address and its a man in Washington scamming people out of money. He/she knows your info. So be careful and keep an eye on your credit cards!!!!!

2013-02-28, 15:36:59
anonymous from United States  
Well put! HC from CO. You might have added that married people who seek extra marital intimacy on line are playing with fire. Instead they should try to rekindle the flame within their own marriage rather that seek intimacy on line. When one plays with fire, one often gets burnt. Be careful in the future!
2013-02-28, 18:06:37
OJAS from United States  
2013-01-04, 08:59:14 anonymous from United States
= Lia pic stolen by scammers
2013-03-04, 23:17:54
anonymous from Canada  
This girl tried scamming me for $900 dollars saying she needed it to get her art work goods from custumes in Ghana , a friend of mine ended up with the same girl asking for money!
it's an organized crime group from Nigeria or Ghana scamming for money.., using Lia19 pics . be careful guys it's not her, just her pics..

2013-03-05, 01:02:47
Here's the true story guys! After being scammed myself royally, I've dug deep into the scamming schemes at epidemic levels in Ghana. It seems organized crime elements have moved into a very lucrative market. Recruiting young women with children with failed relationships, and coaching these vulnerable individuals on what to do, and providing fake documents of everything, including fake pictures of attractive models, porn stars, etc. After these individuals are recruited, they are warned of serious consequences and reprisals if they go to the authorities. Young men are recruited as well to pretent to be women. Those that are recuited for the scams, only get to keep a small percentage of the take. Due to extremely difficult living conditions and very high unemployment in Ghana, it has created a fertile field for these unscrupulous criminal bastards who have infiltrated all the singles dating sites; to now recruit those less fortunate individuals at the bottom of the economic scale to do all this scamming shit. Keep your money in your wallet and your pecker in your pants guys! Be realistic, when you are tempted by the attraction of a great looking babe in Ghana; take a minute and consider the demographics. It's only a temptress in a teapot... I know I was scammed!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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