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Advanced settings in Mozilla FireFox


I want to change how FireFox handles the cache. In particular, I want it to get the page from the network every time I request it (not 'once a session', and not 'if date/ time/ size changed'). Where can I change this setting?


Some advanced settings in FireFox are not accessible through the GUI. But you do not have to use the registry editor or a text editor to open a configuration file. Try this url in FireFox:


You will see a lot of settings like dom.disable_window_open_feature.location or extensions.update.lastUpdateDate, by default sorted by alphabet. Like in the Windows registry editor, you can edit those settings right there.

To change the caching behavior, look for browser.cache.check_doc_frequency and change it to the value of 1 ('every time', as Mozilla does it). The default setting for FireFox is 3 ('if there is a new version').
You can change the value by simply double-clicking on the value 3 or right-click on the line and select 'Modify'.

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