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Connect a javascript function to a clickable link using onclick or href property?


Should I connect a javascript function to a clickable link using the onclick or the href property?


Indeed there are these two possiblities as shown in the box below.

The first solution has the disadvantage that if have say for example an animated GIF image in your page and the user clicks the javascript: protocol link, then the animation will quit running and you have to refresh the page to start it again.

The problem with the second solution is that your browser will jump to the top of the page (href=#).
If onclick returns false, the browser never even looks at the href attribute, and so it is not followed. Thus you should add ; return false; to the onclick event handler.

The third example shows how it this looks like.

If you also want to be able to handle users who have javascript disabled, then take a look at example four.

If javascript is disabled then the browser ignores the onclick handler and loads the url given in the href property. The assumption here is that your page is generated by myform.php and you have to have some server side code (php, perl..) that parses the argument '?fillform=1' and then does the same functionality on the server side what normally your clientside javascript would have done.

<!-- two possibilities to link an event handler to a clickable link -->
 <a href="javascript:fillform()">Pre-Fill</a>
 <a href="#" onclick="fillform()">Pre-Fill</a>
 <!-- this is the best way to do it: -->
 <a href="#" onclick="fillform(); return false;">Pre-Fill</a>
 <!-- like #3 but also takes care of people with javascript disabled -->
 <a href="myform.php?fillform=1" onclick="fillform(); return false;">Pre-Fill</a>

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