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List of all control types in extjs


Is there somewhere a list of all valid values for the xtype attribute?


Yes, it is deep in extjs's documentation. The following is a list of all xtypes combined with the matching class that you instantiate.

xtype            Class
 -------------    ------------------
 box              Ext.BoxComponent
 button           Ext.Button
 colorpalette     Ext.ColorPalette
 component        Ext.Component
 container        Ext.Container
 cycle            Ext.CycleButton
 dataview         Ext.DataView
 datepicker       Ext.DatePicker
 editor           Ext.Editor
 editorgrid       Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel
 grid             Ext.grid.GridPanel
 paging           Ext.PagingToolbar
 panel            Ext.Panel
 progress         Ext.ProgressBar
 propertygrid     Ext.grid.PropertyGrid
 slider           Ext.Slider
 splitbutton      Ext.SplitButton
 statusbar        Ext.StatusBar
 tabpanel         Ext.TabPanel
 treepanel        Ext.tree.TreePanel
 viewport         Ext.Viewport
 window           Ext.Window
 Toolbar components
 toolbar          Ext.Toolbar
 tbbutton         Ext.Toolbar.Button
 tbfill           Ext.Toolbar.Fill
 tbitem           Ext.Toolbar.Item
 tbseparator      Ext.Toolbar.Separator
 tbspacer         Ext.Toolbar.Spacer
 tbsplit          Ext.Toolbar.SplitButton
 tbtext           Ext.Toolbar.TextItem
 Form components
 form             Ext.FormPanel
 checkbox         Ext.form.Checkbox
 combo            Ext.form.ComboBox
 datefield        Ext.form.DateField
 field            Ext.form.Field
 fieldset         Ext.form.FieldSet
 hidden           Ext.form.Hidden
 htmleditor       Ext.form.HtmlEditor
 label            Ext.form.Label
 numberfield      Ext.form.NumberField
 radio            Ext.form.Radio
 textarea         Ext.form.TextArea
 textfield        Ext.form.TextField
 timefield        Ext.form.TimeField
 trigger          Ext.form.TriggerField

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