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Body Shops in Santa Cruz County


Can you recommend any body shop in Santa Cruz County or on the Central Coast in general?


I personally have dealt with only 2 body shops in Santa Cruz County, with Kraft's body shop and with Perrigo's Body Shop.

Kraft's Body Shop
6100 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062-1948
(831) 476-3232
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The first experience was in February 2001 when I had damage on the front of my chameleon blue-green Firebird. They replaced the headlight and repaired everything so that it looked like new. They had to paint the front bumper and a side panel and did a great job blending the color - actually they ended up painting the complete front including the hood and doors up to the rear side panels.

Less than a year later the paint started to come off on the hood. In the corners bubbles between the paint and the clearcoat developed. I brought the car back to them and they repainted it (not everything I presume) under their warranty.

Soon afterwards I sold the Firebird so I cannot speak as to how long the second paintjob held up.

In September 2005 I was rearended in my 2004 Mazda RX-8 and I got an estimate from Krafts. Their shop is really close to my home so they are very convenient for me.
I also got an estimate from another shop, Perrigo's Auto Body Shop. Kraft's estimate did not include a new rear panel because they were planning to pull it straight. This panel had been pushed in by approximately 8 inches, so it was substantially damaged and they were not going to replace it on a last year model vehicle? (A vehicle that looked like new inside and out!)
Perrigo's estimate included a new rear panel and therefore was $400 higher. Therefore I left the vehicle at Perrigo's shop.

Perrigo's Auto Body Shop Incorporated
(831) 423-3251
251 Washington St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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As described above, their estimate was more comprehensive. They ordered the parts and 3 days later started to work. Note that while Kraft's rep had estimated 3 days to repair this shop spoke about 10 business days. In the end it took them 6 business days not including the 3 days until the parts were delivered. I was very pleased with them. I wonder how Kraft's people would have done it in 3 days only.

Kraft's is certainly the bigger shop. More guys working there, and a less personal atmosphere. No way you could walk into their shop and watch them work. At Perrigo's, when I dropped off the car, they asked me to come in and they showed me the new parts that had been delivered.
When I picked it up a week later, 3 guys were detailing it. It looked great. The owner also gave me some tour. They had quite a few nice cars there, e.g. a Crossfire convertible, a 911 (approximately 2000 model), a classic 1964 Volvo and a Miata. The only boring car in their shop was some Chevy Silverado pickup truck. My point is, and I had noticed that before I dropped my RX-8 off with them, that several owners who most likely care for their vehicle a little more brought it there. At Kraft's I was not able to look inside the shop but on the lot I saw the regular mix of an Altima, a Camry and a Malibu. You get the picture; if I'd drive a Camry I would not care too much either.

By the way I had gotten the recommendation to go to Perrigo's by a friend who takes great pride in driving a 1977 Alfa Spider. She had made bad experiences with Kraft's and was very satisfied with Perrigo's, just as I am.

I am insured with AAA and both shops are on AAA's network.

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