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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Tanusha/Tanya

Name: Tanusha/Tanya



Other Comments:
another Ucrainian Translation firm scammer from the city of .Druzhkovka and goes by the e-mail

She calls herself Tanusha Tanya or Tatyana

Location: United States [City: Tampa, Florida]

Address: 4465 W. Gandy Blvd
Address: Suite 812
City: Tampa
StateProv: FL
PostalCode: 33611
Country: US

She sended me several letters,the more sexier the pictures became,the sooner
i could expect the money letter
as it didn't took that long to find it in my mailbox
when i asked her to go behind a webcam,she obviuosly dissapeard

here goes some letters of her:

Hello XXXXX!!!

Please don't be surprised to see my letter:)) I write you because I am
interested in finding a good reliable man for serious relationships.
My main goal in life is to establish a family and I still have not
reached it:(( I guess it is because I can't find my second half here
in my place and that is why I decided to look for him in Internet!!!
They say it is a very good place to meet each other:)) It could be
wonderful to find a man who will have the same interest as myself!!! I
am not looking for fun, I am looking for a husband. Please think about
it and if you are looking for serious relationships too answer me
immediately!!!! I will write you much more about myself, surely I will
appreciate if you will do the same to me:) I will be more than happy
to get to know you better!!! I hope to establish the correspondence
which will lead to a personal meeting in the future and hopefully for
something more... I am waiting for your reply with anticipation!!! My
address is

Bye for now! Tatyana


Hello, my dear XXXXX!!!

How are things going there in your place? Hope not bad?:)) Thank you
for finding time to write me a message. I appreciate your efforts a
lot! Your photo is very nice, I like it thank you! It is good that you
told me a little about yourself but I want to know more about you!!!
Please do it for me, I want to get to know you better!!! You live in
XXXXXXX, how is the weather there today??? Tell me more about this
country I have never been there but hope to see it some day... You are
a XXXXXXXXXX?? A nice job I think:)) Tell me more about your
daily routine!

So as you see on the picture I am a little pretty brunette from
Ukraine:)) At least I hope you see me this way on my photos which
hopefully you enjoyed:)) My name is Tanya or Tanusha, I was born on
the 27th of January 1981 and I am an Aquarius! Hope you like my sign
if you believe in Astrology of corse. As for me I believe it a
little:)) But I am not a fanatic and will not refuse a man in
relationships only because we are not a match from the astrological
point of view:)) Hope you think the same way. I live in Druzhkovka
town, east of Ukraine. I live with my grandmom and my little sister
Irisha. I send you their photos. Also I have a pretty dog Sharik:))
Hope you like him! He is favorite in my family! As for my job I work
as an accountant.

I am a very serious girl and I am not here to play games with other
peoples' feelings like some girls do in Internet. I am very
disappointed in Ukrainian men and made a decision to find a man
abroad. They say that foreign men are more serious and treat women in
a better way than Ukrainians. So I have great expectations now!!! I
made some photos of a good quality because I was told that to find a
man in Internet it is necessary to have professional photos, and I
think it makes sense because men love by their eyes first of all, am I
right?:) So hope you like what you see on my photos:)) And I can send
you even more if you want!!!

So I am really full of expectations now but one thing bothers me a
little, it is that I don't speak English at all:((( At first it was a
big obstacle for me because I don't speak English and also don't have
a computer at home:( I tried to translate through Google translations
and other translational programs but the translations were almost not
readable and I forgot that idea. But later I found out that there is a
translational agency in my town, which translates different texts,
documents and papers, and also they can translate the correspondence
there! And can you imagine that when I came here to this agency for
the first time I realized that a lot of local girls use this service
to find husbands abroad, and some of the girls even got married
already and left my town for different countries. So it was a great
relief for me to find the way to reach my goal of finding a husband
abroad, I just hope that it will not be a problem for you. If we will
be serious we will have to correspond for some time through this
agency but later I promise to learn English and we will be able to
communicate directly!!!!

I hope you have noticed already that I often use the word 'husband'.
It means that I am here for a very serious reason and I don't want to
have an endless correspondence with my man, I want this correspondence
to lead to a personal meeting and hopefully to marriage in the future.
Later when I will get to know you better I will give you my work phone
number where you will be able to call me and hear my voice. I wish I
could give you my personal mobile number but my mobile phone was
stolen three weeks ago and I still can't manage to buy a new one:( So
if you have serious intentions and if you are not snoring now after
reading my letter please write me and we will continue our
correspondence. But please tell me a lot about yourself in your
letters as the translations are rather expensive for me and I want to
get as more information about you as possible in every letter. I am
waiting for your answer!!! Tanusha.


Hello, my dear XXXXXX!!!!

If you could know how happy I am to hear from you again!!! Thank you
very much for your message!! Thank you for telling me more in this
letter, I appreciate your time a lot:)) So how is life in XXXXXXX
going??? It is interesting to hear more from you about your job thank
you very much. It is good that you like to travel, I am sure it is
very exciting to see foreign countries. As for me I have never
traveled abroad yet because I have not the passport, but I am going to
make it soon!

So from what should I begin my story??? I guess from my family. I live
with my grandmom Lida as you know and my sister Irisha. She is 13
years old and she is a very funny girl!!! You may wonder where are my
parents, it is sad but they died in an accident when I was 16 and
Irisha was 1 year old:(( It was the saddest page in my life so I don't
want to talk too much about it hope you understand. I lost my parents
and me and my family miss them a lot:( We were raised up by our
grandmom, she is a saint woman!!! She is so kind and caring, I am not
tired to thank God for giving me such a grandmom, I really don't know
what should I do without her:(( So my family consist of my grandmom
and a younger sister. I was like a mom for Irisha because after death
of our parents I spend all my time with her. She often says that I am
her mom!!:))) She is soo sweet... Also we have a dog Sharik I have
already sent you the photo with him, he is very cute!!! I also have my
aunt Nellia and his 12 years old son Edik. We are very close with them
too although don't live together. I send you their photos.

As for my job I work as an accountant at a local mechanic factory, it
is a very big factory but the salary is very small:))) But
nevertheless I am satisfied with my job because a lot of people have
not a job now at all that is why I don't complain. I understand that
it is necessary to work hard to survive. And after death of my parents
I had to start working I was only 16 years old that time, I worked as
a post woman I delivered the post to the addresses. And after half a
year of such a job I started to work as a dish washer in a local cafe
which I did for one year more. So I know what does a hard work mean.
And also parallel I found time to study at the university which I
graduated 6 years ago and now can work not as a dish washer but as an
accountant. So I am satisfied with it.

As for my hobbies I like cooking a lot just like all the other girls
do:)) I think it is natural for a woman to cook well. I like to take
care about my Sharik, to pay attention to Irisha and my grandmom, she
is old already and needs my care, so I have an opportunity now to
repay her for all her love and care she gave to me in my childhood:))
I like reading books a lot, also listening to music and watching
movies. And surely to spend time with my friends!!!

I will be finishing my letter for now thank you for your attention!!!
I hope that you will make a decision to write me more after reading my
letter! I am waiting for the news from you... Kisses!!! Tanusha.


My precious XXXXXX :-(

Thank you so much for your letter, but I can't answer it
unfortunately:((( Can you imagine that I came to the agency 5 minutes
ago and my translator showed me the state of my translational account,
I looked at it and realized that I will not be able to write you a
long letter today because there is not money on the account to pay for
it:((( When I started my search in Internet I put 50$ on the account
(it was almost my half month salary) I wrote you three letters,
received three letters from you, scanned several photos for you plus
paid for Internet expenses and those money are over already as to
translate one letter costs 5$. I prayed my translator to let me write
you this letter in a credit (I will give her back when I will receive
my salary in 10 days). And I will not be able to write you more in the
nearest future because I can't pay for it:( I don't know what to do,
honey. But my translator says that a lot of other girls at this agency
were in the same situation because Ukrainian girls earn very little
money but their future foreign husbands whom they found with the help
of the agency helped them to pay for some letters and the problem was
solved, so I thought may be you will help me with the translations
too??? Just for some letters... It is very inconvenient for me to ask
you about it but my desire to continue our correspondence is bigger!!
I don't want to lose our contact!!! And I truly hope that you don't
want it too... I leave the agency with a very heavy heart, honey. I
will come later to see your answer. If you have any questions please
ask my translator Yulia in an e-mail and she will answer you.
Please don't forget me... Yours forever Tanusha.

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