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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Ray Kelvin

Name: Ray Kelvin


Frank Bernard
95 Dambrugge Straat
2060 Antwerpen 6280 €

Kelvin Tuta 5150 €

George Taga Lawyer
10, Ojo Crescents
Benin City 13.000Euro

Georg Taga Laywer 10.000 Euros
179 Lange Straat

Kelvin Ray 28.750 €
10, Ojo Crescents
Benin City

Agho David
10, Ojo Crescents
Benin City 3150 €

Ayo Luke
12 West Circular Road
Benin City 7350 €

Secretary of the Laywer
Gawu Robert
Dambrugge Straat
2060 Antwerpen 3150,00€

Kelvin Ray
318 White Worth St
M13NR Manchester 16235 €

Ojo Tony
Boundary Road 15
Benin City 3150 €

Khuede Bona
Calle Cicante Carballal
28021 Madrid 22.080,00€

Adu Henry
20 Airport Road
Benin City 6260,oo €

Osario David 6.260,00 €
20 Airport Road
Benin City

Evans Nosa
Specialist Hospital 9450 €
Benin City

Osaro Mike
25 Dumez
Benin City 5250 €

Agu Hope 526 €
42 James Watt Road
Benin City Edo State

Osaze Edosa 5250 €
24 maho street
Benin City
Coker Julie 5250 €
24 Bund ary Road
Benin City

Osaro Idehen
62 Lagos Street
Benin City 5250 €

Ofazee Uyi 5250 €
Ozistreet 19
Benin City

Fashola Martins 5250 €
24 Omomostreet
Benin City

Obafeme John 2100 €
17 Osuma Street
Benin City

Omoruy Linda 9435 €
Nr. 25 Airport Road
Benin City

Paul Hanks
Thornwood Ave 40
M187HN Gorton Manchester 526€

Representative of Fake account Fortis Bank Belgium:
Augustine Felix
Koningsstraat 14
1025 Brussels 10608,00

also conected to Fake account Fortis Bank Belgium
Frederick Betty
Tothillstreet Westminster 38
SW1H32 A London 7948,50 €

Other Comments:
This name is known in Germany in 2 cases and it could be he is connected to another case of a guy named Wade Hamilton.

Financial loss in 2 cases Ray Kelvin: 250.000 Euros. He is using a fake Bank account in Belgium of the Fortis Bank, Antwerpen.

One of the victims had direct contact to a male black man in the Netherlands who stated to be from Nigeria, working on the Airport of Abuja. He took cash of 15.000,00 Euros personal. Also involved a so called lawyer in Spain and Bruxelles.

From: Ray Kelvin
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 1:51 PM
Subject: honey


Goodday please i need that money and please tell me when you will be online so we can chat i have always wanted to chat with you but you were never online for me to chat with my UK numbers are +447024064886 please call me and i know you are alright .
IP of this mail:

Used was in both cases the same cell phone number, and the same mail-address, but different pictures.

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