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Name: Vincent.J.Fogarty

Email: (Removed upon request)

(Removed upon request)

Telephone No/s: (Removed upon request)

Other Comments:
Vincent J Fogarty is a 53/54 year old New Zealand currently residing in XXX,YYY & has done so for approximately 5 years. For the last several years Mr FOGARTY has being presenting himself as a Diplomatic Representative/Agent for the Bougainville Government in Thailand referring to himself as 'His Excellency & Honourable Vincent J Fogarty' He claims his appointment was authorised by Bougainville's Royal King, King Pei 11 who is a close friend.
Mr FOGARTY has been endeavouring to get different parties involved in an alleged US$1.0 million business he states he owns called FTLOM Inc/Tile Lite Co Limited on the basis whoever buys into the Company must purchase at least a 24 percent shareholding valued at over US$70000 while he retains a 25 percent shareholding-the remaining 51 percent shareholding to be held by a Thai citizen/National friend of his.
Mr FOGARTY we understand works as a part-time English Teacher & does not appear to be financially stable.
The Bougainville Government has confirmed the following:
(i) Mr FOGARTY is definitely not one of their legal Representatives or Agents, never has been.
(ii) King Pei 11 who FOGARTY states gave him his Diplomatic appointment is locally known criminal/fraudster & conman residing on Bougainville.
(iii) Pei's real name is Noah MUSINGKU.
(IV) MUSINGKU has previously set up a huge Ponzi scheme on Bougainville known as U-Vistract & in that time, has defrauded a large number of Bougainville residents along with overseas people of millions of dollars.
(v) MUSINGKU apparently has Agents operating around the world to operate on his behalf & administer U-Vistract.
(vi) Mr FOGARTY claims to have set up a legal Bougainville based Company which was authorised by MUSINGKU called FTLOM Inc (in his words 'For the love of money')
Mr FOGARTY in his attempts to sell the shareholding in IFLOM Inc or any of his other Companies produces an assortment of allegedly legal documentation supporting both the fact the Companies exist & also the fact anyone who invests in his Company will reap huge rewards after 12 months.
Going through Mr FOGARTY's documentation, the best the majority of the information supplied in these documents would be best described as is farcical.
If approached by Mr FOGARTY do a full and aggressive review of any documentation he provides as the documentation will not get past Step 1.
Mr FOGARTY could best be described as suffering from extreme delusions of grandeur whilst appearing to be very plausible & knowledgable.
Anything FOGARTY states should be treated with the greatest of caution as any monies paid to him may well be the last you will ever see of it.
Any deals with FOGARTY will be a huge risk.

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